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IELTS Essay Correction: Increasing Use of Mobile Phones and Computers, Fewer People​ Write Letters.

With increasing use of mobile phones and computers, fewer people write letters. Some people think that traditional skill of letter writing will disappear. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Your answer suffers from poor task response. Please read my comments below.

In recent years, the use of computers and mobile phones have has (subject = the use = singular.) become more prevalent in business and personal communication. Some presume that letter writing will vanish and I agree with this proposition because digital communication has several advantages over traditional letters.

Firstly, text messages and emails are so fast that it they can be delivered to destination addresses irrespective of their location within a few seconds. For instance, these days, most business firms across the world provide their email address and WhatsApp contact numbers instead of physical addresses on their websites for any type of sales inquiry or to contact (This is also “letter writing” – not on paper but on computers. This does not mean that the letter writing skill will disappear. The question is not whether HANDWRITTEN letters will disappear. It is about the SKILL – this includes computer-based letter writing as well. You should discuss how computers and mobiles impact the SKILL of writing. Perhaps they adversely affect grammar or spellings.). This is because it enables them to respond immediately to a customer which is extremely difficult through letters. (How does this lead to the disappearance of letter writing? Please mention that. Consequently, only a few individuals write formal traditional letters.)

This above paragraph suffers from task response.

Secondly, writing an effective letter requires good language skills and legible handwriting (the question is on SKILL. Not handwritten letters only.). People who passed their high school might not have these capabilities. However, they could communicate well over the phone or by text messages with clients and suppliers that requires only basic language proficiency (So, do computers impact the writing skill? Your point does not address this question.). In addition, digital communication is economical (You’re writing about benefits of computers based communication, not about the actual question.). For example, if we compare the cost of sending a letter and an email to an address in Canada from India. A letter delivery might cost up to 20 dollars where an email may require 5 dollars monthly working internet package.

On the other hand, Electronic mail accounts and calls can be hacked and recorded which could cause severe loss to any firm whether it is government or private. Written letters (You’ve not understood the question. Task response band suffers.) are more safe and secure mode of communication in government and business communication that would not allow them to disappear soon.

In conclusion, in my opinion, the speed of communication, cost, and easiness of digital communication has reduced the importance of writing letters. It is predicted that people will stop using them in the near future.

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