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IELTS Essay Correction: Majority of News Reported is Bad News.

The majority of news being reported is bad news such as wars, famines, accidents, and crime. Why do you think that is? Do you think the news should be a balance of both good and bad news?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Newspapers (the question is on news, not newspapers) are the best source which provides worldwide news to readers. It is heated debated (The question does not raise any debate. It gives a statement that MUST be considered true. No scope of disagreement.) as news related to violence and crime for example such as rapes, wars, and other criminal activities are considered as bad news (Of course this is a bad news. The question is “why is this seen more in the media?”). As a result, increase violence as well as stress among readers (the question is not about the IMPACT of bad news.). This essay will intend to discuss the reasons of news why more bad news is broadcasted on TV and newspapers. I will provide my perspective about what type of news should be broadcasted at the end of essay(no need to mention this. Just express your view and EXPLAIN it in the body paragraphs: I strongly believe that the media should establish a balance between good and bad news.)

Discuss the introduction’s structure with me.

To begin with the causes of news telecasted related to crime and war, (no need to write this. Please jump to the points directly.) firstly, from a business perspective, to improve upsurge the Target Rating Point (TRP), (mention the full form first) news channels and newspapers try to attract readers readers’ attention by presenting sensational current news especially violence and crime related. Various psychological studies have proved that humans prefer watching negative, sensational events as compared positive events. The media houses effectively use this principle to exploit the public. (EXPLAIN the idea you’ve mentioned.)

Moreover, such news is considered during various debates and public opinion TV shows. For example, TV news chat shows host conversations and debates in which they invite celebrities, common people, and politicians. (This does not address WHY media houses broadcast negative news. This merely states HOW negative news is discussed.)

Secondly, news channels and newspapers try to present the truth. Consequently, does they do not focus on whether the news is good or bad they try to convey the true information and use own power of freedom to present truth. (Oops! You’ve contradicted the question statement. You have to assume that media houses show bad news and they NEVER present a balanced news.)

Thereafter, discussing the reasons responsible for presenting adverse news I would like to present my point of view. (No need to state this. Develop a smooth flow with the previous paragraph and write your view. Sample: Since this broadcasting behavior has a severe impact on the social harmony, I believe media houses should behave responsibly and present a balanced news.) According to me, news reporters need to be neutral while presenting news to the readers (The question is not on neutrality but on the mixture of the two types of news.). There should be a balance of adverse and good news in newspapers and TV channels. Otherwise, readers can be stressed and feel unsecure after reading crime related news. Good news likewise news such as stories about successful personalities encourage others to do hard work.

Overall, after discussing responsible responsible causes for covering bad news, I agree that news should be present truth but there must be a balance of good and bad news.

(Try writing a FUTURE based conclusion using an IF …, THEN ….. clause. Sample: In conclusion, if media houses present an optimum mixture of good news and bad news, the society will be more harmonious and peaceful. This will prevent unnecessary anxiety and insecurity among the citizens.)

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