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IELTS Essay Correction: Air Travel Should be Restricted as it Causes Pollution.

Some people believe that air travel should be restricted because it causes serious pollution and uses up the world’s fuel resources.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Here is a similar essay that appeared in the IELTS exam:

Some people think that air travel should grow without a limit, while others believe that the government should limit it. Discuss both views and give your opinion.



Para 1 – developments bcoz of air travel, firstly – study purpose, secondly – business  eg – no of flights per day

Para 2 – alternative sources, rather than restricting… eg – electricity, electric motors already invented so why not electric aeroplanes.


It is believed by many that traveling via air should be restricted as it results in severe air pollution and it devours the fuel resources of the world. I strongly disagree with this statement as air traveling is the quickest way of transportation which has flourished education and business around the world. I believe that air traveling is way it is too essential to be restricted (No need to write this statement. You’ve already mentioned the benefits in the previous sentence.). Furthermore, minimizing the disadvantages by finding alternative sources of fuel is more prudent than actually restricting its use. (The introduction is nice.)

With the invention and commercial use of an aeroplane, several positive developments have occurred. Firstly, people have expanded their business worldwide as travelling via air is convenient and quick. (Can you explain this? Air travel has helped companies expand their businesses globally and increase the pace of globalization. This has not only made the world richer but also created jobs worldwide.) Secondly, every year more and more students go abroad for studies. This enables better development of human resources since the best educators are no longer out of reach for a common person. Consequently, the world has witnessed unprecedented economic growth. Because of these, the whole world has become smaller and a better place to live in. For example, in Heathrow airport in UK, more than 500 flights are scheduled daily For example, restricting air travel from New Delhi to London will prevent smooth flow of travelers and business persons between the two countries. One estimate suggests that this may cause a business loss of more than a billion pounds to both countries every year. This explains how common and essential air traveling has become for general people and restricting it seems out of question. (Need better development of arguments.)

While it is true that aeroplanes consume a massive amount of fuel and cause pollution, the focus must be on discovering the alternative modes of fuels rather than on restricting air travel. Great inventions and discoveries have surprised the world and electric motors are one of them. If electric motors can run on land, why cannot electric aeroplanes fly? (You need to learn how to LIE. Airbus and Boeing, the two main manufacturers of airplanes, are working to build electric power based engines that do not consume fossil fuels. These engines will eliminate the pollution from planes.Electricity is a great source of energy and can be produced via wind, water, and solar power. In addition, it does not cause pollution. Hence, this possible alternative to mitigate the drawback of air transportation needs to be researched on.

In conclusion, air traveling is absolutely essential in today’s world and restriction of any sort is undesirable undesired. Instead, more research needs to be done to come up with the idea of using electricity to fly aeroplanes to address the disadvantages of air travel.

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