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IELTS Essay Correction: Qualities of a Good Neighbor?

Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? 

Use specific details and examples in your answer.


Vocab: neighborhood, social values, and customs

Para1- friendly, helpful  ……quickest to come for help

Para 2- respectful towards others privacy and customs, no interference with family matters and customs


The people living around us in the same locality are our neighbors and a good neighborhood is an important element for of a better social life. In my opinion, the one who is ever ready to help in times of need and is respectful towards others privacy and customs makes a good neighbor.

A helpling hand is the first thing one expects from the people living around. In troubling times, a neighbor is the one who can come for the rescue in a couple of minutes. Most people live in nuclear families these days and rely on neighbors in an emergency situation. (Explain and then give example) To illustrate, just three weeks back, an old lady in my neighbourhood, who lives with her husband in my neighborhood, suddenly fell off from the stairs. The poor husband shouted for help and immediately my father ran to help her and called an ambulance. It was not their sons who live abroad or their relatives who live 5 miles away but their neighbor (my father) who was the quickest to provide help Since their children live in the United States, the old couple relied on helpful neighbors in the hour of crisis. Thus, the best quality a neighbor must have is a good heart and a helping hand.

Furthermore, as we live in a society with different people following varied customs and values and also living with different familial conditions, it is absolutely essential that we respect each others’ values and privacy do not impose any interference. For instance, Muslims enjoy eating beef whereas Hindus frown upon that as they worship cow as a god.  Another relevant example is that while Christians wear white wedding dresses, Hindus wear white in crematory ceremonies. So, in order to live in harmony, these differences must be accepted, respected and not interfered with neighbors must respect these cultural and religious differences(Keep neighbors in the picture)

In conclusion, the features qualities of a good neighbor are helpfulness and broadmindedness to accept the cultural differences. This makes a society more liberal and a peaceful place to live.

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