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IELTS Essay Correction: Plan Detailed Activities for Leisure Time.

Some people think that one should plan detailed activities for their leisure time, others disagree with that. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Some would argue that an elaborated plan of tasks should be made for their leisure time, while others think that it (what does the pronoun IT refer back to?) should be unplanned. (Some people argue that leisure activities should be elaborately planned since they complement professional skills in commercial success while others think that they should be unplanned as ……….) I believe that it is better to make an effective use of time because of the benefits it brings to the individuals.

The first sentence should be an IDEA that you should explain in the following sentences. For instance: The planned leisure activities can be used in the development of soft personal skills that complement hard professional skills. On the one and, in today’s competitive world, soft personal skills are as important as hard professional skills. Due to this, the leisure time can be devoted in a much better-planned more efficient/ productive way and this can help individuals indulge in activities that will aid in their personal grooming. For instance, in 2016 the University of Cambridge found in a recent study that 85 percentages of the people engineers who planned their activities were more efficient in their communication skills and other daily activities than those who did not plan their activities. I believe that planned task would be a better alternative because of the benefits it brings to an individual.

On the other hand, taking an unplanned leave break removes the monotony of one’s life and rejuvenates oneself. Since professional work is always planned, it involves a significant investment of energy. If leisure activities are also planned, it will erode the ability to focus. This helps Random activities help in better focus and dedication towards work and thus increasing increase productivity. For example, The Times of India found in a recent survey that 90 percentages of people do not want to plan their free time due to the fatigue from the workplace from on-going work and feel much more relaxed. For example, a recent research in Microsoft has proved that an unplanned coffee or tea break can improve worker efficiency by more than 10 percent. However, I believe that planned leisure time would help in removing monotony much more efficient way.

To conclude, spending leisure time in a planned way would be much more beneficial as compared to when done in an unplanned way. It is recommended that people should plan their activities to make effective use of their timeIf these activities are planned and proper time slots are allocated to them, the individuals will be not only more economically productive but also personally more beneficial to companies. This will eventually result in greater economic output.

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