Answer Checking

IELTS Essay Correction: A Zoo Has No Useful Purpose.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

A zoo has no useful purpose. 

Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer. 

You should write at least 250 words. 


It is considered by many that a zoo provides no advantage. While it is true that people, especially children, enjoy themselves touring through a zoo, I think it is of no benefit to the animals as their natural lifestyle is disrupted (Good use of WHILE X, Y construction). Moreover, there are other methods of learning about animals than watching them in across cages.

There is certainly no doubt that (Undoubtedly, every …..) every living creature on this planet enjoys the freedom to move around (A clearly written, specific idea.). When animals are caged in a zoo, their way of living is completely restricted. Instead of running around, playing with other animals and searching for their prey (perfect parallelism!), it is depressing that they are locked up in cells. Because of this, animal rights activists fight (oppose/ dispute) the construction of zoos. A better alternative is wildlife reserve heritage site building wildlife reserves where animals can roam freely and the human interference is limited. In Nepal, Chitwan National Park is one of them which spreads out on more than 1000 square kilometers supports rare animal species such as a snow leopard. Animals and birds live in their natural habitat and visitors can watch them with a guide who secures their safety(Use this space to write: “Zoos serve no useful purpose.”) Thus, unlike zoos, these places maintain animals in their natural habitat where humans can enjoy various species.

Furthermore, it is not necessary to build zoos when we can conveniently learn about animals from documentaries (Idea clearly and specifically stated). It is nothing less than watching them live in their natural surroundings and this gives (parallelism) the added benefit of animals being safe and secure secured. For instance, the television channel National Geographic is all about animals and other living beings and can be enjoyed at home at feasible hours. Zoos, on the contrary, do not offer the experience of animals actively living and hunting in jungles. For example, the London zoo has more than a hundred species in man-made habitats and none of them is as active as wild animals shown on the Discovery channel. (Link it back to the main topic. Why zoos serve no useful purpose.)

In conclusion, I believe that a zoo is useless, even harmful for the sake of animals. We, humans, the most developed and intelligent mammals of all, must work in favour of other animals to preserve their speciesNot only it devoids animals of their natural habitat, their freedom, and their active lifestyle, but also it fails to offer an enjoyable experience to humans.

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