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IELTS Essay Correction: Governments Should Decide Subjects for Students.

Some people say governments should decide what subjects students should study, while others believe the students should decide what they want to study. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words only.


Who should decide the subjects students should study has become a matter of debate. Some people believe that government should decide this since they it (singular subject – government) know knows better about future job market trend, while others argue that pupils should be allowed to choose their field of study because they know about their skills and interest. I agree with the latter view, and I think students should be given the independence of subject selection.

Governments can choose the best study curriculum for students because they know which subjects can offer better job opportunities to pupils in near future. This is because government educational bodies usually have a detailed annual job generation data. Therefore, they can evaluate which sector would have more employment in the future, and they can guide students to choose subject accordingly. This would help learners to choose (they can’t choose. the government is doing this.) study a syllabus which can make them more employable in the future. For instance, the Indian government has made the French language a compulsory subject after looking at (analyzing) the need of French-speaking people in coming time (near future)(Wonderful job! Idea and explanation are well developed. There is a scope for a better choice of words.)

On the other hand, students should be allowed to select the subjects they want to study since they know their strengths and interest better and can choose the best course of study where they can perform optimally (efficiently) (avoid word repetition) better. If they were asked to put a deliberate effort to learn something they do not like, they would probably lose the interest in the study and would perform sub-optimally as professionals (and would abandon the course midway) may leave it in between. To illustrate, according to a Cambridge study, in 2017 around 30% students studying in the UK universities have left their degrees in between due to the government pressure on them to learn mathematics against their interests (due to governmental pressure to learn mathematics irrespective of the student’s inclination)(Though the idea and explanation are well developed, there is scope for a better choice of words.)

To conclude, students should be given the choice to select the subjects they want to study as they understand their capabilities better. If they are devoid of this responsibility, the society will have less qualified professionals. This will not only make the society economically less productive but also leave individuals less satisfied. (Ample scope to write a better conclusion.)

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