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IELTS Essay Correction: Government Should Decide What Subjects Students Should Study.

Some people say governments should decide what subjects students should study, while others believe the students should decide what they want to study. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

Please read the response of another student to this question.


There is a never-ending debate whether the academic subjects should be decided by the governments or by the students themselves. I partly agree with both the notions, as the former view is in the national interest and the latter view boosts the self-confidence and thus increased increases efficiency and productivity of students (whose productivity and efficiency?)(You can’t agree with both views. But you can take a middle ground. Example: I partly agree with both notions since in a government is in a better position to decide in professional courses and students should have right to choose arts or literature courses.)

Undoubtedly, government’s policies are the keys kay to any nation’s economic economical or social growth. So, if they governments (they does not refer back to governments since you previous sentence’s subject was ‘government’s policies’, not ‘government’) are allowed to pick up academic subjects for the students, it would be certainly in the national interest and is expected to fulfill the prevailing demands or requirements in a specific field (Though you’ve mentioned the idea, it is not explained. Please explain how it is in NATIONAL INTEREST. A government has complete data of regional as well as national level demand and supply gaps in employment and various professions. It is in a better position to inform students of the needs of the society. This not only economically benefits the students but also serves the national interest by bridging the employment demand-supply gap.). To exemplify, these days, despite the need for qualified agriculturists, there is a significant drop in the students studying agriculture. So the government of India launched various programs, stressing more on farming and encouraging youths youth in this field to meet up the rising demand of food grains not only on the national level but also worldwide.

On the other hand, if students are given freedom to select their subject of studies (… to make their educational priorities), it would be based on their likes and dislikes (this idea is contained in “freedom to select their subject”)also it will instill a sense of satisfaction and confidence. This will definitely raise their interests and involvement (Interest leads to satisfaction, not the other way.) in studies, (this should be a separate sentence) hence better performance and high efficiency in that particular area. Consequently, probability of success in their career becomes quite high. (The paragraph’s ideas are not in a logical order and are not well developed.)

On the other hand, if students are given freedom to make educational priorities, they will have a greater interest in subjects. A deep interest in a subject plays an instrumental role in mastering a field and developing a confidence in it. This will result in a better performance in academics and ultimately qualified professionals for the society. For example, the doctors in the United States are considered superior as compared to their peers in Asia not only because of better educational facilities in the U.S but also due to the freedom awarded to all students to steer their career in their field of interest.

To recapitulate, governments, (need comma) when allowed to decide subjects of studies for their students, (need comma) is instrumental for the nation’s growth and prosperity while students, (need comma) when given the opportunity to choose their subjects themselves, enjoy their studies more and instills a self-confidence which boosts their career path. Therefore, I agree partly with both the thoughts and suggest that youth youths should be free to select their subjects under the government’s guidance and should be encouraged to take a nation’s interests into considerations while deciding.

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