IELTS May 2018: A Situation that made you Happy.

Situation that made you happy IELTS cue card.jpg

Describe a situation that happened to you recently and made you feel happy. Please say

– What was the situation?
– When and where did it take place?
– Who was there with you?


Now, any situation can make you feel happy. However, I strongly suggest that the situation should be closely related to your recent CAREER. If you’re a student, it can be about your recent grades or a sports achievement. If you’re an engineer, it can be a recent job interview or a project you completed. Let me offer the brainstorming points rather than dictating the answer.

You need to jot down some quick points in one minute and then present it in two minutes. Don’t waste this precious minute. I’ve written a few quick points.

What was the situation? first job interview; Google – the largest technology MNC.

When and where did it take place? New York; January 2018; Freshly graduated from college.

Who was there with you? My classmates and friends; also took interview; three of us selected the same day; grueling process – three phases; Enjoyed with friends; called parents; exciting party.

Answer: (Please note the cohesive devices and collocations underlined below)

I completed the computer science degree from the Beijing University in November 2017 and since then I had been looking for an exciting career opportunity in this domain. In January 2018, I received an unexpected call from Google, the internet giant. The company invited me for an interview in its New York office for the position of a software engineer.

The company had invited a number of engineers from various parts of the world and some of them were from my class in the Beijing University. The interview was conducted in three phases and it took more than five hours. After this grueling process, I was extremely pleased to know that the company had selected me along with two other candidates. It was a proud moment for me since the competition was extremely high and the positions were limited. I decided to celebrate the event with my friends and we partied hard during that evening.

Followup Questions:

  1. Do you agree that money is a source of happiness? Well, certainly, money brings joy and happiness in a person’s life.
  2. What are your views on happiness? I think happiness is a mixture of several things. A person needs money to become happy. However, he needs the company of other humans to enjoy that money.
  3. Do you think people can be happy because of their work? Of course, if a person loves his job, it is certainly a source of happiness. I, for instance, love my work at Google and feel happy and satisfied after a day’s work.
  4. Where or how should people find happiness? I think people should find happiness in moments they spend with their friends, colleagues, clients, and family members.
  5. What is better, to get happiness from money or from a good relationship? I guess both are equally important. A person needs an optimum mixture of both the get happiness.

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