Answer Checking

IELTS GT Task 1 Correction: Building Work Done at Home.

You had some building work done in your home, but you are unhappy with the outcome. Write a letter to the builder and say

  1. Describe the work done?
  2. Why are you not happy?
  3. What do you want the builder to do about it?


Dear Mr. Howard,

I am writing to complain about the latest construction work which you have carried out in my apartment. I have had asked you to construct a new room near to my kitchen. However, I have many problems with the way it has been constructed. 

Firstly, the room is not spacious as I have had expected. It is because you have not used the area properly as there is still empty space on the right side of the kitchen which can could be used for the room (could be included in the room). Secondly, the flooring is also very poor because the tiles which you have used are not of good quality (can you write more specifically than good qualitythe tiles are neither of good quality since there are several cracks visible on their surface nor are they correctly installed/ placed.). The majority of them have started coming out of the ground (have uprooted) after two days of installation. 

Therefore, I want you to send labourers (your team) again and ask them to (so that they can) demolish the old construction and to build the room from scratch. This time I expect no mistake from your side, otherwise, I would leave a poor feedback about your company. (Please abstain from using a harsh and threatening tone. I request you to send your team to rectify these issues. I want you to expand the room’s size and re-install the flooring in a proper manner.)

I hope you would consider this matter in an utmost priority.

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