Answer Checking

IELTS GT Task 1 Correction: Building Work Done at Home – 1.

You had some building work done in your home, but you are unhappy with the outcome. Write a letter to the builder and say

Describe the work done?
Why are you not happy?
What do you want the builder to do about it?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter in context with of a refurbishment work of living room, which you had done did recently. Unfortunately, things have/had not turned according to my requirements/ expectations. Hereby, I am looking forward to you to resolve this matter.

My main objective behind opting for your services was to give / to provide a makeover to the living area of my house by enlarging one of its outside windows and by doing some plaster of Paris work on the ceiling. But sorry to say, the end results are unsatisfactory as the design of the plasterwork is completely different from the design which was shown to me Unfortunately, not only is the plasterwork executed with inferior workmanship but also the design was altered without my approval. Apart from this, there is no significant change in the size of the window and still living area looks congested.

As the renovation done by you is of no use to/ for me there for either you restart the work at your own expenses or refund my money. (You need to explain specifically. As the renovation done by you is of no use to me, I want you to demolish the plasterwork and re-do the job as per my specifications. Moreover, your team should be skilled so that it can execute the construction with quality. If you can not accomplish these tasks, I want a refund of my money.

Looking forward to hearing a positive and a prompt response from you,

Yours sincerely,

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