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IELTS Essay Correction: Computers can Translate all Languages very Quickly and Accurately.

Because computers can translate all languages very quickly and accurately, learning a foreign language is a waste of time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

Please read the answer correction of another student HERE.


Some people argue that learning foreign discourses (a discourse refers to any normal communication) languages is a wasteful use of time and effort since modern computers can translate them efficiently all languages. I disagree with this opinion because translating language them by using these packages normally produce erratic results, and also learning a new language is good for the cognitive development of humans(Lexical resource does not mean changing the core words of an essay. This distorts the meaning of your sentences.)

Language translation software packages are not always accurate. The majority of them have issues to interpret (cannot accurately interpret ….) the grammar of many languages such as Hindi, Russian, and Urdu. Due to that, they tend to make translation errors like in some cases the translated language has a different meaning than that of the original and often distort the meaning of the original sentence. This results in miscommunication. For instance, according to the company sources, Google Translator usually makes grammar related mistakes while translating the English language to the Hindi and vice versa. (For example, all governments and businesses realise that software such as Google Translator makes frequent mistakes while translating a message. Consequently, they prefer to hire the services of human translators.)

Furthermore, learning a foreign language improves the cognitive ability of a person. Our brain tends to work more when we challenge it with difficult tasks. Learning a new language is one of them because it involves the understanding of complex grammar and pronunciation rules. Therefore, people who learn more than one language usually have better learning, reading and remembering skills learning and reading skills along with strong long-term memory. To illustrate, according to a Cambridge study, multilingual people possess great decision making and logical thinking skills, which is the reason they tend to deliver great results for their organizations. (The example can be made stronger by writing more specifically – what do you mean by GREAT RESULTS? For example, according to a Cambridge study, multilingual people are twice as strong in writing and speaking than others. This makes them an asset for inter-cultural communication and better business correspondence.)

In conclusion, in my opinion, learning a new language is not a waste of time because it boosts our brainpower, and we cannot rely on software packages for language translation because they normally produce inaccurate results. 

An alternate conclusion: (In conclusion, if we rely on computers for translations from one language to another, it will not only lead to miscommunication due to inaccuracies in the translation but also prevent the personal development of humans. This will have severe social, economic, political and psychological consequences.)

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