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IELTS Essay Correction: Childcare Training Courses Should be Mandatory for All Parents.

Childcare training courses should be mandatory for all parents. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Childcare training, which is a specialized program, would enhance the ability of parents to provide the a proper care to their offsprings, and make them familiar with the situations they are going face when they will have babies (a lot of confusion over use of pronouns their, them, and they). I firmly believe that compulsory childcare training lay a strong foundation of society by training people to be the best parents for their kids. (You can be more specific and precise than proper care. Try using career development, psychological issues, etc.)

Childcare programs are formulated by experts, which who inculcate the best child-rearing practices to make (need a verb with TO) the parents by making them aware about with the preliminary science behind the well–being of their children (which rearing practices? What do you mean by well being?) and why parents should not follow some unnecessary rituals (which unnecessary rituals?) which otherwise can prove detrimental to child’s health. These programs teach important psychological techniques to parents so that they can prevent their children from unhealthy practices raging from eating excess sugar to playing video games. Moreover, as the present day women are shouldering economical responsibilities of men by doing jobs, such programs can do wonders in this scenario as they inculcate the childcare skills of in fathers and help parents to interchange their roles without neglecting their responsibilities towards a kid. Many such programs teach fathers crucial home skills such as cooking food, serving food, and cleaning the kitchen so that they can serve children in the absence of mothers.

In addition to this, these trainings also make people aware about the child psychology, and how marital issues, if any between the parents, can adversely affect their child’s perceptions about them a (Please understand that there is a place where an IDEA ends and an explanation begins.) As a result, parents try to overcome their mutual differences, which definitely ensures better upbringing of the child. Furthermore, childcare programs also helps to bridge the communication gap between children and parents. (The idea ends here. Now explain in a new sentence. Note the specific points I’ve mentioned below.) They teach parents crucial skills such as asking the right questions and playing at least one sport together by training parents in advance to solve the identity issues which a child goes through as he/she grows older. For example, lack of communication and parental involvement have been blamed in a New York study as the principal reason for depression, anxiety, and crime among children below 14 years old. Hence, it reduces the conflicts between parents and their children.

Conclusively, In conclusion, I reiterate that childcare training is a must/ a need of the day for the parents if we want to make every home an ideal place to live and to lay the foundation of a well –civilized society.

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