IELTS Essay, May 2018: Consumer Goods Production Damaging Natural Environment.

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The trend of increased consumer goods production is damaging the natural environment. Why is it happening? What are the solutions for this situation?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Introduction: (Introduce the topic and MENTION the reasons that you plan to EXPLAIN in the body paragraphs)

The process of production of consumer goods involves considerable damage to the natural environment. This not only involves extraction of raw material by damaging nature but also significant pollution during production.

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN the reasons)

The production of finished goods requires an input of a large number of raw materials. Production of steel, for example, needs extraction of iron ore from mines which involves the destruction of large tracts of land through deforestation and removal of topsoil. This permanently destroys the nature in the region. Moreover, steel production requires burning fossil fuels and this causes significant land, air, and water pollution. Thus, the increase in consumption of automobiles results in extensive and irreparable damage to the environment. Also, the transportation of goods from factory to customers damages the natural environment. For instance, an Oxford study pointed out that transport form an Amazon warehouse to end users emit more than one metric tonne of carbon dioxide which is equivalent to cutting down one tree every day.

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN the solutions) 

To solve this crisis, governments, as well as individuals, can take some serious measures. Firstly, the government should impose a green tax on all goods that pollute the environment. The collection from this tax should be used to plant more trees and clean polluted water. Secondly, regulatory agencies should create a green rating for each product based on the extent to which it damages the environment. This rating will allow consumers make informed decisions and they will be able to purchase less polluting goods. Finally, individuals should responsibly dispose of used products so that they can be recycled and their environmental impact can be reduced.


In conclusion, all consumer goods damage the environment. However, with the active cooperation of governments, corporations, and individuals their adverse impact can be reduced. This will make the environment more sustainable.

Total Words = 297.

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