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IELTS Essay Correction: Teach Children About Money Matters.

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Many people believe that parents should teach their children about money matters. What are the best ways to teach a child about money, in your opinion? Give some examples from your own experience.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Financial matters are very important to be understood by a children to be able to deal with them alone in the future so that they can take financial decisions independently. (Better word choice: alone = independently, financial decisions) The burden of teaching children about money lays mostly on parents because they are our the first teacher school in life (avoid using the pronouns our and your). In this essay, I will discuss three methods which I believe are effective in helping children learn about money by parents.

Sample Introduction: The burden of teaching children about money matters lies on parents since they are the first teacher in a child’s life. There are several ways of teaching these matters to children. They range from allowing the child to earn money to keeping a record of all expenses. (Note the use of construction: From X to Y)

To begin with, parents should let a child experience the difficulty of earning money. Therefore, parents They should either advice advise their teenage kid offspring to have a part-time job in which he/she can be partly independent financially, or reward them her by giving them her money or presents after achieving a specific goal (Remember: One pronoun can refer to one noun only. In the first part of the sentence, you used them for parents. In the latter part it refers to children. That’s technically wrong.). This way, your the child (Avoid using pronouns our and your) will not grow up to be spoiled who don’t and will appreciate the worth of money. (Wrong use of adjective pronoun who)

Moreover, children should be able to manage their money. A good step is to start giving your children their them (them refers back to children in the first sentence) monthly expenses and ask them to use their money during a whole month without ending up being broke. Thus, children will notice where do they spend their money, and improve their money management skill (Idea clearly stated and explained. Good job!). Last but not least, ask your children to collect out of their monthly spendings reduce personal expenses and save their pocket money to buy whatever they desire (The idea is not clear). For example, if your daughter a child asked for a brand new iPhone when her previous phone is perfectly working perfectly, you she must be motivated her to buy it with her own savings. In this case, many children become (This makes many children aware) aware of the difference between their needs and luxury, and they will (maintain the same tense) learn how to always keep a fine an adequate portion of money aside in case of an emergency. (Need to use better words to increase expression.)

In conclusion, these methods will not only educate your children about finance, but also advocate them to develop their critical thinking. Parents should definitely start applying these ways to make sure their children will not suffer from money issues by the time they must depend on begin earning for themselves.

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