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IELTS Essay Correction: Vehicle Free Days.

Some cities have vehicle-free days when private cars, trucks, and motorcycles are banned from the city center. People are encouraged to use public transportation such as buses, taxes, and metro on vehicle-free days. To what extent do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

40 minutes, 250 words.

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In many cities, private cars are prohibited from main crowded areas on vehicle-free days. During these days, people are motivated to use public transport. In my opinion, I strongly believe that (in my opinion = I believe) the drawbacks of banning private vehicles are eclipsed by the significant benefits of using more buses and metros during free vehicle days. 

There are a plethora of merits to choose public transportation during vehicle-free days. Firstly, it can save our hard earned money because if people will commute through buses and trains on some days of a week, they would will definitely control their revenues that would have been spend spent reduce the expenditure on the parking cars charges, maintenance of private vehicles cost and fossil fuel prices of private vehicles (charges = cost = price = expenditure). Secondly, private cars cause heavy pollution by emitting hazardous and poisonous gases that can contaminate our the environment by depletion of ozone layer. For example, a recent survey conducted by central pollution control board, Delhi observed that during next morning just after vehicle free day the morning following a vehicle free day, people feel less polluted do not feel respiratory problems caused by carbon particles that are mostly released from cars and bikes in atmosphere and they breathe more oxygenated air around them. (You’ve made a good attempt in developing arguments. However, these could not be expressed due to wrong word choice. Lexical Resource issue.)

Coming on to On the other hand, the disadvantages of using public transportation on no private vehicle days are get rid loss of privacy and comfortability. This is because private cars are more spacious with advanced features like music and relaxing seating arrangements in which a person feels more comfortable and safer as compared to buses and trains. It can be explained by an illustration done by “Economic department of Mumbai University” that 45% people like to use their private transport due to its immense privacy and comfortable facility Write an example with proper context: For example, a University of Mumbai study revealed that on vehicle-free days more than 45 percent residents of Mumbai prefer to stay at home and take a holiday since public transport system is neither reliable nor convenient. 

In conclusion, the disadvantages of traveling through buses, trains, and metros on private vehicle-free days regarding comfortableness and privacy can be overshadowed by the advantages of using these due to cost saving and protecting environment purposes. In future Government should implement high technological public transport with more privacy and comfortability that is easily seen in Japan where ‘Maglev Metro’ has air-conditioned personal cabin and separate women compartments.  (the conclusion is too long)

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