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IELTS Essay Correction: Cars are a Better Way of Transportation – 2.

car bicycle IELTS ELTEC

Some people think cars are a better way of transportation around the city while others prefer cycling. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


The variety of options to move around the city, starting from public transportation to owning a vehicle and walking on feet, make people argue about whether cars or bicycle is a better decision. In my perspective, cycling is the best choice due to its positive effect on health and the environment.

To begin with, many people prefer cars for many numerous (avoid word repetition – many) reasons. First, cars are faster especially in moving to for longer distances. This is why many employees who work far from their houses spend a huge amount of money to own their private vehicle (This is not an explanation of the idea that cars are a faster mode of transport. Better write: While cycling from one corner of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, to another may take a few hours, the same distance can be covered in 30 minutes by a car. This saves a large amount of precious time.). Secondly, cars are beneficial to families duo due to its their (Subject is cars, a plural) capacity and convenience. Cars They can take up to 5 passengers depending on the car type. Therefore, family trips will be easier, and also safer to for children when it comes to crossing the roads. (The last two sentences can be merged to create a complex structure while following the rules of parallelism: They can make family trips easier by carrying up to five passengers comfortably and are safer for children in a city’s traffic.)

On the other hand, cycling is believed to have positive results in for the environment and also humans bodies. Bicycle insures ensures (insure vs ensure) having a daily work out routine. By the urgent need (which urgent need?) to move around the city, your body will be forced to do some cardio, and it is a shortcut method to people who are busy or lazy to go to the gym (a number of issues piled up in a single sentence: urgent need, cardio, busy, lazy. Restrict yourself to one idea. Cycling to work in a city ensures a routine that forces an individual to exercise. An extremely busy urban lifestyle leaves little time to exercise. Cycling to work provides an opportunity to stay fit.). The next advantage is that the our environment would suffer from less air pollution. It is well-known fact that cars are the second influencer to biggest source of air pollution after factories due to the smoke generated by engines after burning the fuel. Thus, cycling is considered a healthier an environmentally sustainable (This point is not about health but about the environment) transportation choice. Another point that favor bicycles is that they are cheaper than other vehicles. Bicycles guarantee no other future costs because it they only require only motion energy by a human being whereas cars are in a constant need to constantly consume fossil fuels. Accordingly, saving the money which you will spend on fuel to buy your own which would otherwise be spent on fuel is used for needs like groceries or clothes sounds like a better selection.

To conclude, I personally prefer cycling because of the reasons mentioned above, yet cars are more suitable for people with specific circumstances like living away from their work. (Conclusion in these type of essays is an opportunity to denounce the other view and support your viewpoint: In conclusion, though cars have a few advantages in a city, they are a polluting and an extremely costly mode of transport. I strongly support cycling since it helps in keeping people healthy and maintaining the sustainability of the environment.)

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