Answer Checking

IELTS Essay Correction: People Learn Better by Themselves Than With a Teacher.

Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher; others, however, think that it is always better to have a teacher.

Discuss the advantage of both ways and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


It is true that the way in which students study has changed enormously because of the modern education system and of course because of the great technological support student now have. (Because of X and Y. X and Y should be parallel. That is, the first word of X and the first word of Y should belong to the same family. HERE – the.)

The sentence above is a general statement. An introduction is more than that. It is about the ideas you plan to EXPLAIN in the body paragraphs. You need to MENTION you opinion in the opening paragraph.

Thesedays, a lot of students prefer self-study as this helps in setting a right pace of learning (reason supporting view 1). Others study with teachers since they are trained to teach in a structured format and assess students regularly (reasons supporting view 2). I believe an optimum mixture of the two approaches in the best way to teach a child (your view.).

In a traditional learning approach, studying with a teacher can bring some benefits among to learners. To begin with, studying with a certified trainer who has some real-world experiences can transmit a structured path of the required knowledge to their students directly (The idea seems good. However, you’re supposed to EXPLAIN it. Please write at least one sentence about “structured path of the required knowledge”. For example, a mathematics teacher can explain algebra from basic concepts such as multiplication and division to complex ones.). As a result, the process of students’ learning can move to next lessons or subjects in a reasonable timeframe. Another advantage of studying with a tutor teacher is that learners could can be identified by a teacher (prefer active voice: is that teachers can continuously assess and identify the areas where students need more help.) where their students need more help. (Can you explain this? A biology teacher, for instance, can judge whether a student is performing satisfactorily in anatomy, zoology, and botany. He can then help the child improve in that domain.) Therefore, this can improve the speed of students’ learning process among students in the class.

On the other hand, it cannot be ignored (Avoid writing a negative voice) is certainly true that self-studying entitles (wrong word usage. Entitles is something by RIGHT. Wrong lexical resources can hamper your score.) students to do a lot of advantages (On the other hand, it is certainly true that self-study is extremely beneficial for a student.). Firstly, self-learning allows students who have different patterns (what do you mean by patterns? Not clear. Will cost bands. students who are at different levels of understanding to study …..) to study at their own pace. (Please elaborate: All students in a class cannot be grouped at the same level. While some have a strong grasping power, others need to spend a lot of time to understand a concept. Self-learning offers the luxury to progress at a self-developed pace.) One educator said that “the best education is outside the classroom” which means that self-learning ensures that learners students learn outside the formal system. (HOW can they do that? What are the benefits? Please elaborate.) Therefore, giving them more flexibility and freedom to explore avenues of information. What more, self-education helps students to develop self-confidence through this method since they have to move on their own pace.

NOTE: You need to write fewer points and elaborate them well.

To conclude. I tend to think that studying alone bring more benefits to students than studying with a teacher. I, therefore, believe modern-day students should be encouraged to self-studying; however, sometimes, students need to be guided by a professor who is has a specialist in that field.

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