Answer Checking

IELTS Essay Correction: Number of Hours Teachers Spent Teaching.

The bar charts below show the number of hours each teacher spent teaching in different schools in four different countries in 2001.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Number of Hours Teaching IELTS Task 1 ELTEC.png

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


The given bar chart depicts the information about the teaching hours spent by teachers (Alternative: … about the number of hours teachers spend in …..) in various three categories of school levels in four countries namely, Japan, Spain, Iceland, and the USA in the year 2001.

As it can be seen clearly that in all countries teachers spent more hours at Upper secondary level as compared to the other two. school levels Primary and Lower Secondary level respectively (Obviously, “THE OTHER TWO” refer to primary and secondary levels).  It is notable that in USA teachers gave more hours in teaching at all levels as comparatively other three countries.  (Minor structural issue. But you’ve communicated the idea clearly.)

Furthermore, (You begin the explanation here. No use of furthermore.) educators from Iceland spent less fewer/ lesser (fewer better than lesser) hours at the Primary level as compared to other countries. Undoubtedly, at the upper secondary level, tutors from Spain and Iceland spent similar hours at Upper Secondary level, which are 900 hours (better connect 900 hours to hours, not level.). As a contrast to these both (these includes both) countries teachers from Japan spent fewer hours with the difference of 200 hours (700 total) at Upper Secondary Level.

(The idea is not communicated due to lack of structure. Watch the video.)

All things consider that (makes no sense.) USA teachers spent more hours at all levels of schools (you’ve already stated this in the overall paragraph) and all teachers spent more hours in Upper Secondary level as compares to other two levels. (repetition.)

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