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IELTS Essay Correction: Future Planning is a Waste of Time.

Some people believe that future planning is a waste of time and should be avoided. How far do you agree or disagree with this?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


People hold different opinions about the importance of planning for their future. Some people argue that it should be avoided to save time, while I believe it future planning (better to keep using the same pronoun to refer back to future planning) is crucial to be successful in life as it keeps a person motivated towards his/her goals. (his includes her. True vice versa.) (I like this introduction – simple and clear.)

It is hard to accomplish a desired goal without any proper planning because some of the goals take years to get completed (Goals are never completed but achieved/ accomplished. You can avoid repeating goals and using a wrong word – completed -by using the following structure: Since it takes years of efforts to achieve any goal, a person should make proper plans before embarking on the journey.). For instance, if a person wants to buy a home, he/she has to save money for years and search for the perfect location for several months well advance. This requires planning home and transport expenditure to save every penny and investing the savings in high return securities (products). (The idea is good. Just need to explain a bit more – How does PLANNING help you save more?) So, proper planning will keep her him working hard to fulfill her his goal (I preferred she in the previous sentence. Not your mistake.). Secondly, Moreover, (Can’t see firstly) chances of failure become stronger (appropriate word choice. Chances never become prevalent but stronger/ higher) more prevalent if a certain task is performed without any preparations and often leads to wastage of precious time. (Okay. The idea seems good. But you need to EXPLAIN it. Develop the argument.)

Moreover, if a task is performed without prior planning, it increases the chances of failure and results in the loss of precious time. Various sports studies have revealed that the team managers who study the opposite side’s strategy in detail bring victories to their team. This also involves careful planning to counter each tactic of the other side.

To add on, life would become stressful due to lack of planning and (the sentence strucutre does not reflect any connection between lack of planning and personal efficiency. Also, lack of planning would make life more stressful and decrease personal efficiency.) decreases personnel efficiency. Because w Without any plan in mind, a person cannot prioritize his tasks and ends up failing all (FAILING was the previous idea. Let us stick to stress and efficiency. Explain how this reduces efficiency and builds stress. Without any plan in mind, a person cannot prioritize tasks and this results in less important tasks gaining priority over more important ones. When crucial tasks are delayed, people develop stress to complete them in time.). Moreover, well ahead plan planning keeps a person focused and motivated. Any type of bad incident cannot demotivate a person if he already has planes about how to deal with sudden losses(This does not explain focus and motivation.)

You’ve raised a number of points. However, they’re not well argued. Write fewer points and explain each of them.

To conclude, it is mandatory to make future planes to achieve success in life. Life would become much easier if people always have proper plans in their mind.

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