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IELTS Essay Correction: Necessary for Parents to Attend Parenting Training Course – 1.

It is necessary for parents to attend a parenting course to bring their children up. Do you agree or disagree?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


It is a commonly debatable topic that for raising a child, (no comma here) parents ought to take part in professional parenting diplomas (nothing wrong in using the word courses). In my opinion, I completely agree that parents they (use a pronoun to refer back to the noun. Builds cohesion.) should enroll in such courses to look after their children more appropriately in regard to (you’ve already written this. look after children = raising a child) better understand the psychology of a child and to prosper the nation economically for economic prosperity of a country(The introduction’s structure is good. Ideas are well placed. Need some improvements.)

To commence with, the main reason for parents to attend parenting training is to have an in-depth knowledge about child psyche. If parents indulge in such courses then they can properly understand how to handle child related to his manage a child’s eating habits, basic etiquettes, table manners, commonly health issues, how to work on their cognitive skills and their reaction towards outer stimuli (Strong violation of parallelism. Eating, basic, table, commonly, how, their should have the same grammar category. Let me place nouns: … how to manage a child’s eating habits, etiquettes, table manners and hygiene and build cognitive skills). As a result, it helps to parents in better understanding of child psychology and mind thinking ability in each domain. As an example, according to one of the renowned parenting websites, 62% of parents who had participated in the parenting skills training were more capable to understand of understanding the child psychology better as compared to nonparticipants. (You’ve developed the argument. Good job. Please address the grammar mistake – parallelism.)

Additionally, parenting courses are hugely beneficial in flourishing and prospering country’s economy. When a child grows under the custody of highly trained parents, then he develops as an all-rounder and performs extraordinary either satisfactorily both in academics or and in co-curricular activities (an all-rounder, by definition, is never extraordinary. She performs satisfactorily on all counts.). As a consequence, the nation will have has more educated and productive brains who would contribute in to economic economical growth (Please maintain the present tense since the previous sentence was in this tense.). For instance, a recent survey report by ‘Times Now’ News channel revealed that children of those parents who have already done parenting courses were highly successful in their adulthood and were able to prosper nation economically. An example should not only contain some data but also be specific. Successful in adulthood? How? Nation’s prosperity? How? For instance, a recent report by Times Now, a news channel, revealed that children of parents who engage in parenting courses are more socially responsible, financially secure and personally independent as compared to their peer group.

In conclusion, I strongly agree that parents should take part in professional parenting training for upbringing of their children to better understand of child psychology and to boost nation economy. In future, the government ought to implement such courses for every new parent to improve child upbringing.

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