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IELTS Essay Correction: Social and Intellectual Development of Students.

School teachers are more responsible for the social and intellectual development of students than parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Some people believe that school teachers are primarily responsible for the social and mental development of students and parents do not play a significant part. In my opinion, I consider that both play a distinct part, as teachers help a child in learning academic subjects and growing professionally, while parents play an instrumental role in building child’s communication skills and impart social values aspects. (the introduction is concise, clear, mentions your opinion, and contains the reasons supporting your opinion.)

On one hand, teachers help students steer (navigate) towards a successful career path. Students start learning about different subjects such as Physics, English, Math from early classes with the help of teachers. This enables them to understand concepts in much detail and take further challenges in the higher education. For instance, in 2015 The University of Cambridge found in a recent (recent = 2015) study that 85 percent students who attended the high school where able to score better in university education than those who were taught at home by parents. (The paragraph is well organized and adequately explains how teachers help in the intellectual development of a child.)

On the other hand, parents play a vital role in the development of child’s communication skills and social interactions. Children start learning at a very early age, and they develop their language skills by copying how their parents speak and behave. Moreover, interaction among the family members is the foundation where the child first learns about social cohesion. For instance, in a recent survey conducted by The Times of India, it was found that 99 percent of the children in India share a resemblance with their parents in the way of their speaking. (The example is centered at social development. Though communication skills is an important component of social development, please mention some more specific points. For instance, a scientific study has found that a child learns about culture, etiquettes, manners, communication, language at an age as young as one year. Thus, parents have a much stronger role in these domains as compared to teachers.)

To conclude, I believe that an optimum balance between both the approaches is required for the overall development of the child. Teachers and parents both play an indispensable role and are essential for the social and intellectual development of children.

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