IELTS Essay July 2018: Lowering the Speed Bar will Lead to Road Safety.

Road Safety IELTS Essay.jpg

Some people say that lowering the speed bar will lead to road safety, while others believe that there are many other factors which can contribute to road safety. What is your opinion and discuss both the aspects.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Introduction: (MENTION the reasons supporting both views and STATE your opinion.)

Many people believe that lowering the speed limit leads to safer roads as this forces people to drive slowly. Other think that alternative approaches such as wider roads, street lights, and pedestrian-friendly features are more important since people rarely follow speed limits. I agree with the latter view.

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN speed limit)

Imposing a lower speed limit on vehicles will force people to slow their vehicles down. Several studies have proved that the most fatal and life-threatening accidents occur when people drive at more than 90 kilometers per hour. Lowering the speed not only saves lives but also reduces the possible damage to vehicles. This helps prevent financial expenditure in car accidents and add economically productive years to life. For example, strict enforcement of maximum driving speed of 60 miles per hour in Ottawa and Montreal has reduced the accidents by 10 percent.

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN other reasons)

On the other hand, some people propose alternative approaches that, I also believe, help make roads safer. Firstly, all roads must have pedestrian-friendly features such as zebra crossings, cycling tracks. No matter how slow motorized vehicles are driven, they pose a significant threat to cyclists, pedestrians, and disabled individuals. Moreover, properly functioning street lights regulate traffic’s flow and tremendously reduce the chances of vehicle collisions. Also, wider roads play a significant role in making the roads safer. Driving in narrow roads is not only difficult for vehicle drivers but also for cyclists and pedestrians. Making roads wider allows this traffic to move smoothly and avoid any collisions.


In conclusion, though driving at lower speed makes roads safer for everyone, there are alternative approaches that are more effective. Even slow-driving vehicles can be dangerous if proper features are missing. The presence of these features makes the roads safer while allowing vehicles to drive faster.

Total Words = 300

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      • In my exam i have wrote about safety awareness programs like giving free helmets and telling tge importance of these for personal safety.


      • Actually i have discussed that government should promote safety by organising safety campaigns. In which personal safety should be discussed and free helmets should be provided.. like that.. for example, road show programs in India…

        Can i get bands for this ?


      • I have wrote that other measures- safety awareness programs organise by government.. like in which they guide about personal safety and can give free helmets to promote it… For example- road shows in India. . I have explained like this my point.

        Is it correct?


      • I wrote…
        From the latter view of subjects, it is claim that other measurements are also required to improve the road safety like government can organise an awareness campaigns regarding safety on road. Through these programs legal bodies can guide the masses and moreover, can provide free helmets to encourage personal safety. Like in India, there are many road shows that are being organised by the government for awareness among human beings.

        I don’t know the exact words that i have written in that scenario.. but the overall idea is around this.


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