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IELTS Essay Correction: Many People Are Living Alone.

In cities, many people are living alone. What are the reasons for it? Is it a positive or a negative trend?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Nowadays, living far away from one’s family have has become a common phenomenon. In my opinion, the main reason for living alone (for this) is the awareness regarding personal space. However, this trend has more constraints like psychological problems and the regular weakening of the family bonds. (parallelism – psychological is an adjective, regular is an adjective. MORE X THAN Y – comparative element.)

Clearly, the preference of for personal space and search of for one’s individuality have played a crucial role in forcing people to live alone. Today everyone’s everyone is aware of their his (everyone is singular, please use a singular pronoun) choices and decisions that they he makes in their his life. Any interference in it them (can’t use IT to refer to choices and decisions) becomes the cause of conflict among family members. So, instead of developing any bitterness or resentment people prefer to move out in a different house or apartment. To exemplify, a study done by an American college shows that the due to the generation gap between the parents and the children, a simple talk takes the form of a quarrel. So to avoid such situations almost 70% of people chose to live alone.

However, this trend have has more negative effects (more than – comparative). Firstly, living alone causes psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. When a person lives alone they he lackthe moral support of family and loved ones. This results in solitude as they are he is unable to share their his feelings and worries. A psychological study done by the Times states that almost seven out of ten people suffers from depression as they become emotionally weak leading to deteriorating mental and physical health. Secondly, it also (secondly includes ALSO) weakens the family bond. Because of living alone they are unable to spend quality time with the family leading to weakening the family’s fabric.

To conclude, even though living alone is a modern trend followed throughout the world, but it have has more constraints. Staying with the family not only boosts the confidence but also strengthens the family bonding.

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