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IELTS Essay Correction: Newspapers Will Remain the Main Source of News in the Future.

Newspapers will remain the main source of news in the future and the Internet will not have any effect. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include examples from your own experience.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


It is considered by some that in the future the newspapers will remain a vital source of news throughout the world. In my opinion, printed newspapers will be replaced by electronic newspapers (let us call it NEWS only since no paper is involved) because the news online is not only sophisticated, and easily accessible but also environment-friendly.

Clearly, the electronic newspaper (online news) is gaining vast acceptance due to its sophisticated means such as videos, clarity, instant opinion and sharing options. These features not only grab the reader’s attention but also cost-effective (Three issues: 1. Cost-effective is a compound word in which cost is a noun. It should be a verb to follow the rules of parallelism since grab is a verb. 2. Features can’t be cost effective. Online news is. 3. You’ve not explained – videos, clarity, instant opinion and sharing options. Inadequate explanation of ideas.). Furthermore, on the internet, a person can search for any newspaper released throughout the world in any desired language in a few seconds. To cite an example, earlier my father used to wait for the daily newspaper. But now with just one click on his smartphone, he can easily access any news and watch relevant videos of news printed throughout the world. (Does this foretell the death of a newspaper? You’re merely replacing paper-based news with the online newspaper. It is still a newspaper. What about Twitter, Facebook? Local news through WhatsApp. If you stick to the newspapers, it means your opinion is that the internet will support the newspapers and they will continue to be the primary source of news. Contradicts with your opinion in the introduction.)

Moreover, electronic newspapers are more eco friendly then the printed newspapers (But they’re still newspapers.). As the paper used to print is made of wood, so trees are cut down to obtain it leading to increased deforestation. Therefore, lesser number of newspapers we read, more trees we save. (This is a suggestion, not a prediction that the internet will lead to the death of newspapers.) In addition, many environmental agencies are also in the favor of internet news portal to save trees. According to a survey done, electronic newspaper have played a crucial role in the decline of paper consumption in many European countries and hugely contributed in saving trees. (So the internet is helping the newspapers to remain the primary source of news.)

To conclude, even though newspapers were the main source of news earlier but in the future, they will be replaced by the electronic newspapers. (NOPE!)

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