IELTS July 2018 Essay: Children Should go to Kindergarten Before Attending Primary School.

children should go to kindergarten IELTS July 2018 essay.jpg

Some people think that children should go to kindergarten before attending primary school, while others believe that is better for children to stay all day with their families. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Introduction: (Introduce the topic and MENTION the reasons supporting each view. STATE your opinion)

Some people believe that children should attend kindergarten since it builds a foundation for better academic performance in primary school (MENTION reasons supporting view 1). Others think they should stay with parents as only parents can teach them social manners and ethics (MENTION reasons supporting view 2). I agree with the latter view. (STATE your opinion)

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN the reasons supporting the former view)

Kindergarten involves numerous activities that help children grasp information to perform well in the primary school (IDEA 1). Teachers often engage them in songs that teach basic alphabets of a language. For example, kindergartens in north India play songs to teach alphabets English and Hindi languages. This is often not possible at home (EXPLANATION of idea 1 while comparing with the other side). Moreover, they also play with their peer group and learn social skills such as teamwork and communication (IDEA 2). If they stay at home, they do not have the opportunity to work with other children and this hinders their progress during primary school (EXPLANATION of idea 2 while comparing with the other side).

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN the reasons supporting the latter view)

On the other hand, I support the view that (Cohesion + MENTION that you support this view) only parents are equipped to teach social manners to children (IDEA 1). They are more aware of the unique psychology of their child and have ways to teach table manners, clothing sense and communication with others. For example, the manner in which a child communicates with elders depends on the culture of the family and not the kindergarten. At such a young age they should stay at home and imbibe these skills rather than the academic curriculum of the kindergarten (EXPLANATION of idea 1 while comparing with the other side). Also, parents are uniquely placed to teach them about ethics and morals (IDEA 2). While a kindergarten can teach only academics, parents can teach them the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. This creates a life-long mental makeup that a child uses to make decisions during adulthood. Consequently, parents should teach these crucial skills rather than sending children to a kindergarten (EXPLANATION of idea 2 while comparing with the other side).

Conclusion: (Conclude with your opinion)

In conclusion, while kindergarten can teach academics and some skills such as teamwork, I strongly believe that children should stay at home and learn morals and social attitudes from parents.

314 words.

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