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IELTS General Task 1 Correction: A Letter to Your English Speaking Friend.

Write a letter to your English-speaking friend whom you visited recently. In your letter 

– Tell him/her how wonderful the experience you had in his country was 

– Invite him to visit your country

 – Tell him what you can do for him during his visit

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Dear Davis,

I have reached to my place safely. I am writing to express my gratification for your opulent hospitality during my visit on last week. It was the most enjoyable days journey (experience) (Singular pronoun IT can’t refer to plural noun DAYS.) of this year and, because of you, I could spend my holidays on alien land without any predicament. Besides, I could visit to so many amazing places, which might not be possible to see, if you did not guide me. (Need to change the structure of this sentence to suit IF, THEN clause conditional – Besides, if you had not guided me, I could not have visited so many amazing places.) (IF + past perfect, THEN + would/ could have) (You must use COULD HAVE in the THEN part of the sentence since it occurred in the past.)

Though there are a few grammar mistakes, the tone and content are fine. The tone can, however, be made more friendly since you’re writing to a friend:

Spending the last weekend with you in Toronto was a wonderful experience. I have never visited a more beautiful place with anyone. Not only was the scenery enchanting but also your knowledge of the places was enlightening. 

Now, I am inviting you to give me a chance to apprise you with of my culture. Moreover, (This is not a new point. You’re giving a reasons for Davis to visit your country. The structure of the sentence can also be improved using SINCE X, Y construction.) (Since the wedding of my brother has been arranged on 20th of August, let me invite you to the first-hand experience of an Indian wedding.) wedding of my brother has been fixed, so why you do not you make plan to come India on next month. It would be a new experience for you to attend a Indian traditional Indian function. Additionally, scrumptious foods in my province would allure you the most.

Moving ahead, you can visit to (Do not use TO after visit. You’ve made that mistake twice in this answer.) many historical places such as the Golden Temple, the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort and so forth. Being a history student it (The sense of the sentence is that IT is a history student. Not Davis.) would broaden your horizon (Being a history student, you will find these places really interesting and learn a few important things.). Finally, Darjeeling, a famous hill station, would be our last destination, where you can enjoy picturesque views in the lap of nature. Therefore, (Wrong use of therefore. The points written above do not lead to the itinerary) let me know about your itinerary Plan. (itinerary includes the word plan) (Since you’ve proposed everything, there is no point in asking for an itinerary. The itinerary is the plan or route of the journey.)

Hope Hoping to see you soon.

Yours lovingly,

Avin Kaur.

You need to address sentence structuring and grammar issues. 

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