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IELTS Essay Correction: Lowering the Speed Bar will Lead to Road Safety – 3.

Many people believe that reducing the speed limit is the best option for road safety improvement. Do you think there are other measures that could be put in place? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


It is considered by some that the best way for of improving road safety is lowering the speed limit as it forces the driver people (avoid word repetition – drive) to drive slowly. Others believe that alternative measures can be taken by the government (place such as next to the word it exemplifies. You can do this by using an active voice instead of passive.) governments can take alternative measures such as road safety awareness campaign as most of the people are uneducated about the traffic rules and signs. (Though there are areas of possible improvement, the introduction is well constructed with reasons supporting each view.)

Clearly, lowering the speed limit will not only force the people to drive slowly but will also which will (Not only but also construction is used when there are two separate points. These two points are CAUSE and EFFECT. They need to be connected using which as a connecting device.) decrease the number of life-threatening accidents occurring due to high speed. A study shows that most of the fatal car accidents occur due to high speed as the driver is unable to control the car in case of an emergency. So, by lowering the speed limit will increase driver’s control over a vehicle and help in reducing the death rates and injuries from automobile accidents.

However, others hold the opinion that lowering the speed limit will result in a tremendous increase in traffic congestions leading to reduced productivity. A study shows that most of the people drive at a slow and reasonable speed regardless of the set speed bar. (How does that reduce productivity?) So, lowering the speed limit will force people to spend economically productive working hours in vehicles and the government can take alternative measures to improve road safety. They (the government = singular) It can organize road safety campaign to spread awareness about the traffic rules and signs. A survey shows that almost seven out of ten people are unaware about the road signs such as pedestrian crossing. So Such campaigns will play a vital role in educating the people about the traffic rules and road signs increasing road safety(Builds stronger context.)

To conclude, even though imposing a lower speed limit will reduce the number of car accidents but (No need of BUT with EVEN THOUGH construction) it will increase the traffic congestions. So the government can use alternative measures such as organizing  road safety campaigns to educate the people about the traffic rules and signs. This will tremendously reduce the life threatening accidents around the world.

Total Words = 291.

Your essay scores well on task response and cohesion. There is a scope to make better arguments. Some sentence structuring issues in the introduction and a few grammar issues are a point of concern.

Bands = 7.0

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