IELTS Essay August 2018: New Technology is Improving the Lives of Workers.

Some people think that new technology is improving the lives of workers, other say it has more disadvantages. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Introduction: (MENTION the reasons supporting each view and STATE your opinion.)

The introduction of a new technology always transforms the way people live and work (general statement). While (cohesion) some people think that this (referencing) is beneficial for workers since (cohesion) it reduces drudgery and increases safety, others believe this (referencing) leads to loss of employment. I agree with the former view.

Body Paragraph 1: (EXPLAIN view 1)

I strongly agree (Express your opinion within the body paragraph) with the view that machines play an instrumental role in making work conditions comfortable (= reduced drudgery) (IDEA sentence). During the last few decades, machines have assumed the roles which are not considered worthy of a human (Explain the idea). For example, the job of cleaning the floor and that of removing dust on roads is done by machines. Moreover, machines have made workplaces much safer than before (IDEA sentence). One study has revealed that most of the hazardous work is now done by machines (Explain the idea). For example, many chemical companies use robots with preset computer algorithms to produce hazardous goods such as acids. Thus, machines have improved the lifestyle of workers.

Note various cohesive devices and collocations in the above paragraph.

Body Paragraph 2: (EXPLAIN view 2)

On the other hand, some people think that machines have led to job losses in various industries (IDEA sentence). Computers, for instance, have replaced numerous workers in clerical positions. In the 1990s, the massive computerization programmes of the Indian government replaced more than a million workers in various government departments (Explain the idea with computers). Artificial intelligence is threatening the livelihood of a large number of people. Tesla and Google have already launched autonomous vehicles. These vehicles do not need a driver and this has the potential to disrupt the lives of drivers in all parts of the words. (Explain the idea with artificial intelligence)

Note various cohesive devices and collocations in the above paragraph.


In conclusion, though the introduction of new technologies has the seeds of destruction of jobs for workers, I think it will transform their lives in a positive way.

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  1. Technology plays a vital role in the lives of every human being. There are plenty of enhancements have been done in the field of technology which have improved the working style of employees. While certain people believe that advancements in technology make the life of people more easier, others opine that disadvantages of this trend are more significant.

    One the one hand, it has been claimed that latest technology is highly useful for labor due to several reasons. First of all, technology is helpful in increasing the production of manufacturing units. Latest machinery automate the manual work which subsequently produce more products in less time. For instance, throughput of CNC machines is significantly high as compare to manual worker. Secondly, automatic machinery is computer based and preserve the high accuracy rate. As a result, quality of product is always beyond expectation. Moreover, It reduces the human efforts and provide the comfortable environment.

    On the other hand, there are several disadvantages for workforce. Firstly, technology increases the unemployment rate. If we look back in the past, most of work was
    manual which required many workers to complete. Due to this, very less people were unemployed and had a quality of life. Secondly, threat to the lives of workers has been increased with the inventions of automatic machinery. As per report published by union agency in India, there is a rapid increase in fatal injuries due to malfunctioning of robotic machinery since 2010 .

    In conclusion, although latest trends in technology helps a worker in his day to day activities and reduce his manual efforts, safety measures should be apply in order to avoid injuries. Also, I believe that latest technology is pivotal to maintain the demand and supply and its drawbacks having less weightage as compared.


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