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IELTS General Task 1 Correction: A Letter to Your English Speaking Friend -1.

Write a letter to your English speaking friend whom you visited recently. In your letter:

  1. Tell him how wonderful the experience you had in his country.
  2. Invite him to visit your country.
  3. Tell him what you can do for him during his visit.

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Dear John,

Hope you are doing well. I’m I am writing this letter (this is too formal for a friend) to express my experience in your country and to invite you to pay a visit to my home country. (The tone is extremely important in the letter section. You’re writing this to a friend. Not a boss. Make it a bit informal: Hope you are doing well. I loved every moment of my week-long visit to Italy and your company made the tour special.)

I’d I had always been fascinated by the Italian culture and when I was there I enjoyed it tremendously. When I visited Rome, I got the chance to see the architecture of the Roman empire which always had intrigued me. Moreover, I caught the glimpse of fashion when I was in Milan. Therefore, I enjoyed both the world the ancient as well as modern(Seems too formal. + You visited HIM. Please bring him into the picture.)

I have always been fascinated by the Italian culture. When you took me to the ancient Roman buildings, it was a great learning experience. I not only learned about the Roman culture but also its architecture. (Two sentences about Romans. This explains the idea completely. Bring your friend in the picture.) Visiting Milan, the fashion capital of the world, was a remarkable experience. I loved it when you introduced me to a few of your fashion designer friends. (Two sentences about Milan. This explains the idea completely. Bring your friend in the picture.)

As I learned a lot from your culture and had a great experience while I was your guest, I want you to come to India and let me be your host. There are numerous things that we can do together. As you know, the festival of Diwali is approaching and you can celebrate this festival of lights I am sure you will enjoy celebrating this festival of lights. (make this more exciting. Not only celebrate but enjoy celebrating.) Moreover, when you were will be in India, we would definitely visit the Taj Mahal, which is a symbol of love and one of the seven wonders of the world.

See you soon.

I am sure this will be an exciting journey for you.

With love,


The response seemed too mechanical. The IELTS examiners want you to write naturally. In this case, the letter is supposed to be informal in tone. Though some of your sentences are grammatically correct, I’ve changed them to make them informal.

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