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IELTS Essay Correction: Some People Choose Friends Who Are Different From Others.

Some people choose friends who are different from themselves. Others choose friends who are similar to themselves. Compare the advantages of having friends who are different from you with the advantages of having friends who are similar to you. 

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


To make the best use of leisure time, friends plays play as an essential part to enjoy life and pursue recreational activities. (This sentence has a weird structure. Leisure time = enjoy life and recreation. Use any one. Moreover, the sentence structure is flawed. FRIENDS are not making the best use of leisure time. People are. People use friends to make the best use. To make the best use of leisure time, people engage in various activities with friends.) There are controversial (the views are contradictory, not controversial) views for having friends with the same attribute and (and does not reflect contradiction. Prefer whether X or Y) different taste of life (same attribute is not the opposite of different taste(There are contradictory views about whether people should have friends with similar qualities or those with dissimilar qualities.). Naturally, having friends with similar thinking and hobbies is beneficial as remain the friendship persists for a long term. However, a friend having a divergent attitude helps to enhance new skills.

To commence with, the advantages of a similar thinker friend with similar thinking are enormous. First and foremost, having a friend with similar thoughts assists friendship in maintaining a trouble-free relationship between two individuals trouble free (the right placement of words in a sentence will help you improve your score.). To exemplify this, it can be said that there are less fewer (difference between LESS and FEWER: Less is for things you can’t count. Fewer is for things you can count. I’m sure you can count the chances. 50% chances, for example.) chances of conflicts when two persons have equivalent (equivalent = equal in value. Habits can’t be equal in value. We can’t assign numbers to them) same habits and lifestyle. In simple words several celebrities having similar taste of life in long-lasting friendship relationship as compared to those having different thinking thinkers. (You can’t compare celebrities with having. Can compare celebrities with those.)

You’ve used first and foremost in the paragraph above. I can’t see second. If you’re not using second, then avoid first and foremost.

On the contrary, it cannot be neglected that friends with contradictory characteristics have their own plus points (benefits). Firstly, (subject missing. Who is helping?) these friends help to learn new thoughts and creates chances to achieve success in life by changing lifestyle (wrongly used word. There is no lifestyle way of thinking.) way of thinking. In simple words, a negative thinker in the company of a positive thinker friend can change his/her (who does HER refer to? A positive thinker or a negative thinker?) views and, as a result, can lead a happy and prosperous life with prosperity (In other words, a friend with a positive attitude can change the person with negative thinking.). Secondly, friends with different moods and from various fields have tremendous benefits such as gaining knowledge and self-confidence through arguments with friends on common topics especially on current affairs help to gain knowledge and self-confidence (Place BENEFITS – knowledge and self-confidence – at the head of SUCH AS since it exemplifies benefits.). In other words, (There are so many other words and similar words by now. Better avoid them.) it works from a different angle as encouragement and certain assurance from friends works well as comparatively compared to an individual attire (makes no sense) from family.

To recapitulate this, having friends with similar and (AND does not represent the contrast. It means the SAME friends are similar and different.) different from our own personality have advantages and disadvantages also. (The question is about advantages only) Needless to say this depends on individual choice to make friends and utilizing friendship for shaping self.

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