Answer Checking

IELTS General Task 1 Correction: Dirt and Garbage on Streets.

Write a letter to the local administration complaining about the dirt and garbage in your streets. In your letter mention: 

What is the problem? 

The main causes of the problem? 

Suggestion on how to resolve this problem?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Dear Sir, 

This letter is written I am writing this letter to complain about the garbage menace and uncleaned roads of street number 2, Dugri.

My name is MJ, a resident of 33 Baba Deep Singh Nagar, Dugri. (You’ve mentioned the address above. No need to write your name in the body. Write it ONCE at the bottom.) The trouble, which many of us are facing, is that an enormous amount of litter is being deposited at the vacant plot adjoining my house which is producing a foul smell. Similarly, Moreover, the roads are flooded with plastic bottles, polythene, and paper. (a minor point – Plastic includes polythene. Change it to plastic bottles.)

No worker for from the civic amenities department has come to dispose of collect (wrong word choice – the guy will collect the waste from your home.) the waste from the past two weeks which is the primary reason for this civic mess. Moreover, the connecting main street has many food joints which produce lots of waste materials that require frequent disposing disposal. (dispose is a verb that is always used with an object. Disposal is a noun and more appropriate here.) Neverthless, being a local resident, I can render some possible solutions to deal with it.

Both ideas in the paragraph above are properly developed. Good job!

My advice is to provide dustbins all along the streets so that the restaurants have a proper place to dispose of waste. (Complete the idea. Just mentioning dustbins seems incomplete.) The garbage from these bins should be collected on a regular basis. Secondly, at least once a week the automatic dirt and waste remover collection mini truck should be driven on these roads. Please ensure that the garbage is collected from the bins on an everyday basis(Maintain the logical flow. This sentence should be placed next to the first idea. It has no connection with the second idea.)

This problem is alarming and I hope that you will consider solving this issue at the earliest.

Yours sincerely.


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