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IELTS Essay Correction: Using Animals to Test the Safety of Human Medicines.

Some people believe that using animals to test the safety of human medicines is cruel and unwarranted, whereas others feel it is a medical necessity. Discuss both views and state your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.

Here is another IELTS essay question on animals: Some people say it is fine to use animals for our benefit, others say it’s not good to exploit them. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Some would argue that testing medicine on animals is inhuman and against the legal system (well, the other side of the argument is that this should be LEGAL. Better write immoral), as they believe in saving a life, thinks straight from the heart (who thinks? Subject is missing. No need to write this.). While others opine that it is indispensable for the healthy living of human beings (better to mention the reasons supporting an argument.). This essay will discuss both viewpoints, and later I will my perspective(Of course, you will discuss both views. No need to write this. Better to STATE your opinion in the introduction.)

Some people argue that testing medicine on animals is inhuman and immoral as this often leads to the death of these innocent creatures (reasons for view 1). Others opine that this is indispensable since testing cannot be done on humans directly (reasons for view 2). I believe in the former view (your opinion).

Undoubtedly, testing medicines on animals is the need of the a research scientist to make curable and preventive medication medicine (1) to save people from any ailments ailment (any = singular. Use ailment) or disease. For instance, a very popular hospital in China were was providing treatment to patients with non-tested medicines, which lead led to the death of a few casualties individuals and some were in very serious condition (2). Therefore, tested medicine (on whom? Maintain task response) is vital need to save improve overall life expectancy (You can improve life expectancy or save lives. Do not mix the two.) (3). Through, these tests there have been various innovations, and also, new inventions of life saving drugs for many serious diseases. (You’ve made a conclusion – therefore in the previous sentence. All explanation must be completed before the conclusion.)

1. Medication is the use of a medicine. PLUS: There is nothing called a curable medicine or a preventive medicine. I’ve heard of curable diseases and preventive measures (such as exercise). The sentence can be restructured as: Undoubtedly, scientists need to conduct trials on animals to invent new medicines to treat human ailments.

2. Your explanation (example) of the idea is NOT about why medicines should be tested on animals. You’ve written about what happens when untested medicines are used. This is incorrect. You should have written the same idea in the following words: If new drugs are not tested on animals (builds context – task response) such as rabbits and mice, and are delivered untested to humans, they may lead to serious health problems and sometimes even death. (remaining sentence is derived from your ideas.)

3. Therefore, this process (refers back to – “tested on animals”) is important for improving the life expectancy of humans.

Need to work hard on sentence structuring.

On the other hand, some people are very kind and emotionally attached to these animals. They believe in saving a human life without risk of any other to the life of animals, that means they take this as an inhuman action of scientist and government. (4) For example, there are many associations working to encourage people to love animals and do not show cruelty to them. (How are the experiments cruel? How do they violate an animal’s rights?) Somewhere these people can be justified, as without harming animals there can be experiments (How?). Which can be progressive.

4. You need to write about – why testing medicines on animals is cruel and unwarranted (= not needed, not justified). You need to support the belief that we can invent new medicines even without testing on animals.

On the other hand, some people believe that testing medicines on animals is a cruel act. Many animals go through a lot of mental and physical pain during this process. Some even die due to excruciating pain (Explain how it is a cruel act.). These immoral acts are completely avoidable if medicines are tested on cells and microbes rather than animals. In fact, microbiology focuses on developing medicines using these techniques (Reason 1 – explain how this is unwarranted)Moreover, these people believe that human life is not superior to an animal’s life. All living organisms are equal and, hence, animals should not be forced for laboratory experiments. (Reason 2 – explain how this is unwarranted)

To conclude, I believe for healthy living and disease free society, medicines are is essential to prevent ailments, s . So medicines should be tested on animals, without cruel nature, any cruelty as well as saving and realizing the importance of their life.

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