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IELTS Writing Task 1 Correction: Students At University in the ​United Kingdom.

students in University UK 1991.png

The given charts provide bar chart provides details of the total sum number of students at a university in the UK, for the period of a decade (1) from 1991 to 2001, also giving facts in . The line graph gives information about, government financially helping each student for this during this period where as, the pie chart giving gives information about students family economic status for the year 1991.

1. Do not state two time periods when one is sufficient.

Before writing an introduction to task 1, you must structurally analyze the information. What exactly do you see? There are three charts – bar, line, and pie. Bar and line are from 1991 to 2001. Pie is for 1991 only. Let us develop a structure based on the time frame.

The given bar chart and line chart present information about the total number of students at university level and the government financial aid for each student respectively from 1991 to 2001. The pie chart gives information about the financial status of families of these students in 1991.

and in 2001 we see a drop again in this number.

As per this statistic data (statistics include data) these statistics, the UK had the least number of students studying in the year 1991 around 1.2 million, (who is rising? Subject missing.) rising up till the year 1997 (what was the nature of increase? Gradual? From 1991 to 1993, I see a sudden increase.), then there (maintain the past tense) is was a sudden dramatic (sudden = dramatic) increase in the year 1999 when around 20 million students studying studied (were enrolled) at university.(1)

(2) where as, less the least number of students study studied in the year 1991, but (no need of using BUT if you’re using WHEREAS or WHILE) more government spending on each student studies near 6500 (3), and it plummeted till 1996 since then till 1995, (4) f . From 1996 to 2001, the government spending (tense) is was stable at 4800 pounds approximately.

1. You’re supposed to mention the MAIN FEATURES and make COMPARISONS. Main features include the nature of increase or decrease. Is it sudden or gradual? Also, learn how to correctly mention numbers with the main feature. If you wish to mention the least number of students and 1.2 million in the same sentence, the job will be tricky. I suggest writing only ONE thing – number or main feature. As per these statistics, the UK had only 1.2 million students at the university in 1991 which was the least number during the given period.

Similarly, note that I have used WHEN to connect the sudden increase in the year 1999 to 20 million.

2. Never mix two ideas in one paragraph. The bar chart is over and you’re switching to the line chart. Better write a separate paragraph.

3. You’ve not mentioned the MAIN FEATURE – maximum financial support. Learn how to connect numbers with the main feature. Note the connecting word WHICH ….. the government spent 6500 pounds on every student which was the maximum support during the given period.

4. SINCE = from a particular year till NOW. Since is till the present time.

In 1991 the most students who opted for higher education were from middle class 62% of the total students at the university (no need to state this number. OR write: In 1991, 62 percent of students who opted for higher education were from the middle class.). Only, 8% were from low income family and 30% were from high income families.

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