ISLPR Letter: An Excursion for the Students.

You are organizing an excursion for the students in your class. Write a letter to parents informing them about the excursion, its aims, costs, safety issues, etc. Write about 150 words.

This is my first blog post on ISLPR. Let me explain the structure and present an answer to this question simultaneously.

Let us first note the keywords and understand their meanings:

  1. Excursion: An outing, a trip. Name the place, date, time (schedule), think of the background (why are they traveling?) – think of a place/ topic you’re aware of.
  2. Aims: What will they learn? Why do they need to learn that?
  3. Costs: State a number. Justify the expenses.
  4. Safety Issues: Name the issues. How can they be prevented? What should parents do? What will the school do?

Brainstorming the ideas and developing the arguments (ideas) will help you communicate with parents effectively.

Dear Parents,

Subject: Excursion to Bald Rock

Every year our school takes students in grade six on a five day trip to the Bald Rock National Park. This year we are conducting this excursion on the 5th of September. (Write a short paragraph explaining the background and MENTIONING about the main topic – excursion. 32 words.)

The purpose of this trip is not only to teach students about wildlife and nature but also to develop the spirit of teamwork. (MENTION the purpose. Here I’ve used NOT ONLY BUT ALSO construction to mention two purposes. Now EXPLAIN both. One at a time.) Students read a lot about various species of plants and animals in their books and watch a number of related videos. This is a perfect opportunity to gain first-hand experience in this domain (EXPLAIN purpose 1). Moreover, they are assigned various tasks such as making fire, manufacturing ropes and collecting wood individually. They are then taught how to cook food through teamwork. They also learn this crucial skill during trekking since they need each other’s support to climb the Bald Rock. (EXPLAIN purpose 2) – 102 words

Note the underlined words. They promote cohesion in the answer. I’ve already written 134 words in 8 sentences. 16.75 words per sentence.

The total cost of this trip is dollars 5000 and, since there are 50 students in the class, each student will bear dollars 100 only. This includes transportation through a school bus, food and lodging at a local resort, and rent for trekking equipment. (Total expenses, expenses per student and justification.) – 44 words

The national park is in the arid zone with high temperature during the day and low during the night. Please make sure that your child carries a water bottle and some warm clothes. (Mention the safety issues briefly. Explain the measures in one sentence.) – 33 words.

Please deposit the trip fees by this weekend.

Thank you,



Total Words = 219


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