IELTS Cue Card August 2018: A Story Someone Told You.

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Talk about a story someone told you, that you remember well. Please say

– Who told you the story?
– When did they tell you the story?
– Why do you remember this story?
– Explain why it is interesting to you?


HINT: We all have heard stories since our childhood. This is a perfect opportunity to recite one such story. The story can be from your childhood, business, society, politics, economy, family, etc. If you’re a working professional, you must have heard numerous stories of successful individuals. Recite one such story. If you’re a student, it is better to stick to a story you heard from your parents or teachers during childhood. For the sake of simplicity (and benefit of all students) let me stick to the famous story of a thirsty crow.

Invest one minute in brainstorming about this topic’s questions. If you’ve not read my advice on developing each answer in a proper way, please read the lesson on speaking.

PLUS, you can implement the idea of collocations in this answer. Here is the link to a truly useful article: Lessons in speaking – collocations.

I’ve heard numerous stories since childhood. My favorite story is that of a thirsty crow which found an innovative way to drink water from a container. I heard this story from my parents at the age of seven. (Who and When)

Since that age, I have seen this principle at work in various situations. In this story, a thirsty crow is looking for water. It finds water in a container but the water level is too low for the bird to drink. It finds a unique way to raise water’s level. It starts dropping pebbles into the container and soon the water level rises and the bird quenches its thirst. I remember this story because it explains that necessity is the mother of invention in a very simple manner. (Why remember?)

This story is extremely interesting and practical as I have seen it at work in the real life. I have witnessed people becoming innovative during an emergency or necessity. This is an inherent animal and human trait. During financial necessity, for example, people find ways to earn money and survive. (Why interesting?)

– What is the importance of storytelling? I think this is a unique way to communicate important ideas to the younger generations. These ideas are basically the experiences of the previous generations.
– Do you think storytelling is important for students? Indeed, it is important. Students are in a learning phase and apart from the academics, they should learn moral and ethics. Stories are a unique way to communicate this wisdom.
– What kind of stories do young children like? Well, they love stories of animals and fairies.
– How about older children? I think they love stories about humans. The real-life lessons from people. Older children, for example, prefer reading stories of actors, business persons, politicians. 
– Did you ever tell any story to anyone? I love sharing stories. Since I read a lot of books, I regularly recite stories from these books to my friends and family members. They really enjoy these stories.
– What story was it? Well, last week I recited a story from a book on John Kennedy, the ex-president of the United States who was assassinated in 1963. It was a story of his grit, determination, and hard work during the presidential campaign in 1960.
– Do you think children like adventurous stories? Of course, they love these stories. Some such stories in India are available in fables such as Panchtantra and Mahabharata. These stories are also found in Aesop’s Fables.
– Do you think children like technology more than storytelling? These days, unfortunately, children prefer playing games on a smartphone and a laptop than listening to a story from an elder. The preferences are gradually changing.
– How can you use technology for storytelling? There are numerous interesting ways to do this. One such was is Audible, a venture of Amazon. Audible is an excellent way to listen to stories from e-books.
– What are the disadvantages of technological storytelling? The greatest advantage is that it increases the listening power of an individual. As humans, we love speaking more than listening. The greatest disadvantage is that it is a monologue. There is no way for the listener to raise a counter question.
– Do you use technology often for storytelling? Well, I see a great role of technology in storytelling. As a said a few moments ago Audible is an excellent way to tell stories. Another way is through Youtube.
– Do you think children should use technology for storytelling or listen to a real person’s story? I think they need a combination of both approaches. When there is nobody available to recite a story, children should use technology to listen to these wonderful stories.

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