ISLPR Letter: A Short Play.

Your class has been practicing a short play. Write a letter to the parents of the children in your class to invite them to attend a performance of the play. Write about 150 words.

Dear parents,

Subject: Invitation for the play “ Three little pigs”

I am so delighted to inform you that our children are performing on a play “Three little pigs” on 12th October at 10.00 AM. All the children are involved in different roles(Sure they are. But this is the place to set the context. Not explanation.)

Introduction of a letter sets the context of the interaction. Please note that you’ve not mentioned about practicing. Let us write an introduction as if you’re writing to one parent only. You can’t write one piece for all parents. Each parent will read the letter individually.

As you know that your child and her classmates have been practicing a play “Three Little Pigs” for the last one month. I am delighted to invite you for the performance of the play on the annual function of the school on 12th October at 10 am.

This story is one of the favorite stories of the children so we (who is we? There is no reference.) the teachers (I) decided to conduct a play to enhance their cognitive abilities and to help them develop social competence. Children will are learning (they are already practicing the play) skills such as turn taking and teamwork. Moreover, their confidence will shine through increase by performing in front of a group.

You’ve written the above paragraph to MENTION a few benefits of the play. However, you’ve not explained cognitive abilities, social competence, turn taking and teamwork. Choose only two. Explain them.

Since this is one of the favorite stories of the children, I decided to involve them actively by conducting a play. This has helped them learn about teamwork by cooperating with each other in various scenes of the play. Moreover, their cognitive abilities are being sharpened since (as/ because) they have to remember the dialogues. By performing in front of the parents, their confidence will also increase.

I have decided to keep the costumes very simple. I request all the parents to dress their you to dress the child in a black t-shirt and blue denim (All parents will not read this letter at a notice board. They will receive it individually and read it. Please address individually.). Teachers will help at preschool to make masks for the play. All the other props (prop = support, a stick. Can’t understand its use here.) will be constructed at school in different groups. Any parent for who wants to be a volunteer to support us on that day is most welcomed. (1) Please mention your name at reception before 1st October. 

1. This is a crude idea. Please explain it or avoid it. How can parents help? What volunteering activities will they do? Since this is different from INVITING them as a member of the audience, I suggest the following structure:

Let me use this opportunity to invite you as a volunteer. We need four parents to act as trees in the play and deliver a few dialogues. I am sure this will be exciting and you will love it.

I am so excited to invite all the parents and grandparents to join us and cheer our children for their hard work. 

Your’s sincerely

Gin I

Teacher at ABC kids

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