ISLPR Essay: Speak at Meeting of Local Teachers Association.

You have received an invitation to speak at the meeting of the local teachers association. You have been asked to speak about early childhood education in your home country. Write a short summary of what you will say. 250 words.


I am really thankful to the Canterbury teachers association for inviting me today to speak about the early childhood education in my home country. Being an overseas teacher, I can say that though the motto of education is the same worldwide but , (Do not use BUT with THOUGH. The correct construction is Though X, Y.there are lots of differences in the settings of early childhood sector in India and New Zealand. I am honored to share some information about the former. (Bravo! You’ve laid the groud for discussion in a precise manner with brevity.)

According to the data collected by researchers (according to …. = it has been proved) it has been proven that , only about 20 to 30% (use either “ABOUT X” or “X to Y”.) of the children in India attend the day care centers and preschools. The reason behind this is that generally (This is primarily because …..) parents and grandparents are generally (2) available to take care of them and prefer to keep their the children at home (1) (3). Also, the primary schooling school starts at an age of 3 instead of 5 years (where? In India or Australia? I can’t see a connection with the next sentence. If this is a separate idea, you’ve not explained it well. Lack of clear communication) old. However, (I can’t see a contrast with the previous sentence. The use of HOWEVER is unwarranted.) there are different types of private child care centers run in the country such as daycares, play centers, and preschools. (Okay. Can you elaborate on their role? see 4.) There is no No national curriculum, such as ‘Te Whariki’ in New Zealand, is followed in India but different settings offer a different atmosphere and a few preschools follow their own syllabus. Since the early childhood education is not run by the government, it is quite expensive and not affordable for all the parents.

1. Though you may not be penalized for this, a misplaced pronoun is grammatically incorrect. Since them refers to children, their should also refer to children. However, in your sentence, the latter refers to parents.

2. GENERALLY is an adverb. It gives a quality of a verb or an adjective. It can’t be used with a noun (parents). Example, generally speaking (verb), generally good (adj).

3. It will be better if you write a comparative statement. Compare with the west. This will help you develop the arguments. This is primarily because, unlike western countries which have nuclear families with both parents working, India has a joint family structure with grandparents available to take care of the children. Consequently, the early education is less about academics and more about morals and culture.

4. Let us elaborate on the role of each child care center. Let me connect the AGE (3 years, 5 years) sentence here. Moreover, depending on the age of the child, there are three different types of childcare centers in India. While working parents leave their children as young as 3 years with daycare centers and those between 4 to 5 years are sent to play centers. The 5-year-old children are sent to preschool.

On the one hand (6), the preschools follow a their own routine and their own (5) curriculum for the overall development of the child. The structure of the daily activities is carefully planned to encourage self-confidence, independence, and group co-operation through large group, small group and one-on-one participation in the a variety of hands on, interactive experiences. Those activities incorporate instruction and skill (you’ve used this word at the end of the sentence) reinforcement in reading readiness, writing, mathematics, gross motor (I’m not sure if MOTOR skills can be taught), language and social skills. On the other hand (6), daycare settings provide children an atmosphere similar to their home and care for them without stressing on any specific skill development in the children. (The ideas are better developed in this paragraph.)

5. Their own should be linked to both routine and curriculum. Write it next to the former (routine) and it will be automatically linked with the latter.

6. On one hand and on the other hand are used for the same subject. That is, they can be used either for preschool or for daycare. Example: On one hand, preschools help children prepare the academic base for school. On the other hand, they (refers to preschool) reduce the time children can spend with their parents.

To conclude, skills which children learn at an early age help them excel later in life no matter which country is providing that the early childhood education.

The conclusion should closely relate to the question – “early childhood education in your country”. You need to sum up the body paragraphs. 

In conclusion, India’s early childhood education system is unorganized. Most of the children spend early childhood with parents and directly join the school. Others join preschools that are not regulated and do not have a fixed curriculum.

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