ISLPR Essay: Too Expensive to Employ Well Qualified Teachers.

You have seen some newspaper reports that suggest the government thinks that it’s is too expensive to employ well-qualified teachers in the early childhood education or child care centers. You decide to write a letter to your local newspaper to express your views. 250 words


The Editor,


Dear Sir,

Recently, I read an article ‘Too expensive to employ well-qualified teachers’ in the newspaper ‘ The press’. (1) The author of the article explained that the government considers that it is highly expensive to employ/ hire higher qualified, skilled and professional teachers in the early childhood centers. In my opinion, by investing on in skilled teachers a government invests is investing on in a better workforce for the economy. (the meaning of this sentence is not clear. What do you mean by ‘better workforce’. Does this refer to teachers or students who will contribute in the future? In my opinion, by investing in skilled teachers, a government imparts ideas and skills which are crucial for students to become economically productive workers.) – Try to write as specifically as possible. For instance, better is less specific than ‘economically productive‘.

1. Please read the question statement again. It mentions ‘some reports’ ‘suggest’. It is better if you keep it that way. I have recently read a few newspaper reports suggesting the government’s belief to hire (employ) less qualified teachers to cut expenses. This is a point of serious concern as early childhood education lays the foundation of a responsible and a productive citizen.

Teachers are amongst the most powerful influences in the learnings of every person. Every nation’s workforce rely relies (workforce = singular) on the hardworking and efficient teachers which is one of the major reason that teachers should be paid substantially (You’ve mentioned this again at the end of the paragraph. See 2.). The life-long learning of the early years and the complexity of care and education tasks make it compulsory to hire well-qualified teachers. (3) Hence, it is required that they should be rewarded for their complex job profile. (of course, they should be. The question is NOT on reducing salaries of existing teachers. See 2.)

2. The question is not about teacher remuneration. The government is not proposing to reduce the salaries of qualified teachers. Rather, it is proposing to hire less expensive and less qualified teachers. There’s a subtle but important difference.

3. The idea is fine. But you need to be a bit more specific to elaborate it properly so that the reader understands your ideas properly. For example, what do you mean by ‘complexity of care’? The focus of early education is on activity and fun based learning that help a child to learn various linguistic and mathematical concepts for later classes. Moreover, they need tender care of a teacher who is skilled in dealing with them calmly, patiently, and responsibly. If qualified teachers are not hired, the students will not only fail in learning these concepts properly but also suffer humiliation form an impatient teacher. This will negatively impact their academic scores and morale.

Moreover, it cost a lot of money on (strange construction. Can’t ‘cost the money ON something’. You can SPEND the money ON something.) the teacher training and education courses (Moreover, early childhood teacher training is expensive and it requires a lot of discipline and dedication.). Apart from that a teacher spends a lot of time outside the work hours for planning and for administrative work. Teaching includes many efforts and extra hours of work to provide best to a child. (4) It is mandatory that teaching jobs at all the levels such as early childhood, primary and secondary are well-paid jobs in all the countries.

4. You’ve raised three points – cost of teacher training, spending time on other tasks, and efforts for child’s benefit. You’ve explained none of them. Let me take two of them – first and third – and explain them.

Moreover, early childhood teacher training is expensive and it requires a lot of discipline and dedication. A well-qualified early childhood teacher, unlike less qualified ones (develop context), spends more than 2000 hours in intensive training during school and completes 1000 hours of practical work before qualifying for a job. Replacing these teachers with less qualified ones will be an economic and social injustice. (Explanation of first point is complete.) Also, a well-paid and qualified teacher not only spends six hours with little children every day but also develops innovative ways to teach children. She prepares them for cultural performances, table manners, and checks their assignments regularly.

In conclusion, for every government, it is valuable to spend a good amount of money on skilled, culturally intelligent and well-led trained professional teachers. Even if it is expensive but , it is fruitful in the long term. (No need to use BUT with EVEN IF.)

The ideas need to be elaborated in a specific manner.

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