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IELTS Essay Correction: Sports Important for a Nation’s Development – 1.

Some people say that sport is very important for a nation’s development, while others believe that sport is no more than a leisure time activity. Discuss both the views and give your own opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


The sport has been a part and parcel of any culture since ages in various forms. Many people regard it as a leisure time activity only as it is a good mean for reducing the stress and getting rejuvenated. While others argue that sport it is essential for the development of the a country as it improves the health of its citizens and provides world recognition to the country. I, also, opine in favor of the latter view.

To commence with, many people play sports for the purpose of constructively spending free time. After a long day of hectic schedule, playing a sport can have magical results. It stabilizes the mood and all the tiredness vanishes. Hence, it acts as an effective stress buster. Also, it revitalizes for the next day and keeps the morale up (Idea well developed). For instance, in England, many offices have their (one pronoun in a sentence can refer to one noun only. Moreover, this pronoun is not needed.) inbuilt playgrounds where the employees can play games such as badminton and squash in the break for their recreation. This helps them recreate for the next round of work.

Nevertheless, a sport is not merely a leisure time activity since it is vital for the mental and physical health of a person. By indulging in sport, different body movements take place which are crucial for a good physique. Also, a sport improves several cognitive skills such as fast decision making, leadership, and co-operation. For instance, playing chess improves the decision-making capability while football improves cooperation between players of the same team and competitive spirit between two different teams. Undeniably physically and mentally strong people can contribute towards the development of the nation by increasing the economic productivity.  

Moreover, sport provides an international platform for showcasing the talent of proficient players and the respective countries get worldwide recognition. For instance, in recent Asian games 2018, India got 65 Metals and grabbed 8th position which is a record for it and is getting compliment and praises all over the world for this achievement. (Does this lead to a country’s development?) This has strengthened the feeling of patriotism and unity in the country and, hence, enables social development. 

You’ve done a commendable job. However, there is scope for a better development of ideas.

In essence, undoubtedly a sport is a healthy option for passing free time but it is more than a leisure activity as it improves physical and mental fitness and adds to the identity of a nation which is definitely indispensable for its progress and prosperity. (Bravo!)

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