IELTS Speaking Correction: A Friend Who Speaks (Talks) a Lot.

Talk about a friend who speaks (talks) too much. Please say

– Who is that person?
– What is his/her relationship to you?
– What does he/she usually talk about?

Student’s Answer:

Invest one minute in brainstorming about this topic’s questions. If you’ve not read my advice on developing each answer in a proper way, please read the lesson on speaking.

PLUS, you can implement the idea of collocations in this answer. Here is the link to a truly useful article: Lessons in speaking – collocations.


Good speaking skills are very important in our daily life. However, some people speaks speak too much. Here I would like to talk about one of my best friends Gaurav. He he was is (You’ve used the present tense to talk about your friend. Do not switch between past and present. Maintain one tense only unless you’re compelled to change it.) very talkative in nature. He belongs to Jalandhar. He is tall and handsome. (You’ve sufficiently explained who that person is.)

I met him the first time when I was enrolled in my graduation graduate course in university. He became my best friend after a few days and we shared our room we were roommates in the hostel for five years. During that period I found that he is very talkative in nature. (Your relationship with this person.)

Even he used to visit the rooms of other students and he always remained engaged in some type of conversations with them (What did he talk about? That’s the question number 3.). Even my friends and teachers always suggested him that he should not talk too much. And he should control of this habit.

Brainstorm ideas: What did he talk about? 1. Economics – financial situation in the country, prevailing inequality and ways to eliminate it. 2. Engineering – new ways to make machines such as the engine of a car more efficient. 3. Politics – the ideology of various political parties, statements of various politicians, political rallies and political decisions.

However, (I can’t see a contrast with the previous statement that compels the use of HOWEVER.) he was compassionate, sagacious and intriguing person. He was in the limelight in the college due to his extraordinary intellectual skills. He always came in top five positions in our class. Moreover, he had excellent culinary skills. He could prepare various savory cuisines from various cultures like Indian, Chinese, and Russian. (You could have absolutely avoided this paragraph. Focus on question 3. Brainstorm ideas before speaking as I’ve written above.)


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