ISLPR Essay: Prepare Children for the ​Development of Literacy.

In order to better prepare the children in your center for the development of literacy, you have asked all the parents to come to a meeting to talk about the issues. Write a summary of what you plan to say to them.

Write 250 words.

Dear parents and guardians, (You’re not writing for parents and guardians. You’re just writing a summary. When the audience is not clear, it is you.)

A big warm welcome to all of you and thank you for coming to contribute in today’s meeting. The main agenda of the meeting is to discuss the different ways through which we can prepare the children for reading, writing, speaking and listening mathematics and language skills. (You’ve not mentioned the issue clearly. Both mathematics and language include reading and writing. When you mention M and L, it includes R and W for both.)

As a parent, your perception of my students is a valuable resource. I would appreciate your participation to help your child for with the development of literacy. I request you all to please write a summary about your child and submit the letter to any teacher by next week. In the summary, you can briefly explain about the strength, problems, special abilities, weakness and past experiences of your child. In addition, you can also write about expectations from the teacher, your child, and the preschool.

Our team has carefully planned different activities which will incorporate instructions and skill reinforcement in reading readiness and language. In order to scaffold (wrong word choice. Scaffold refers to a temporary structure used by construction workers. As a verb it refers to ‘to build a scaffold’.) reinforce the abilities of different children, teachers will facilitate small group, large group, and one-on-one group activities and individual activities. For instance, different songs are prepared for will be run during (let us stick to one tense – future) the music time which will enhance vocabulary of the children and phonological awareness will be integrated into daily activities and will be taught at mat (?) times.

(need a connecting device to link with the previous paragraph) Every day the teachers will write a summary about the different learnings happened at preschool which will aware you about of our daily activities. You can discuss the same topic with your child to help them connect easily (connect with what?). Besides, there are lots of resources available in our preschool library which any parent can get issued for a week. (These ideas can be better developed and clearly explained.)

Alternate: Moreover, we have devised a strategy for better communication between parents and teachers so that they can together improve a child’s communication skills. Every day, the teachers will write a summary of the different lessons taught to the children and mention a related activity that parents can conduct at home to reinforce the lesson. Also, we are allowing parents an access to various videos, audios, and books available in our library that you can get them issued for the child’s benefit.

I am looking forward to reading the letters you will write about your child. All the letters will be kept confidential. Any concerns will be responded to quickly. Thank you so much for participating in the meeting.



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