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IELTS Task 1 Correction: Building Work At Home.

You had some building work done in your home. But you are not happy with the outcome. Write a letter to the builder and say:-

  1. Describe the work done
  2. Why are you not happy?
  3. What do you want the builder to do about it?

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


Dear Mr. Brown

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment regarding the building work done by your company.

On 15th of July, I had (there is nothing that suggests the use of past perfect tense) hired the services of your reputed firm on the recommendation of my friend. I needed some rooms with an attached bathroom on the first floor of my residence for which I signed a contract with your team.

Firstly, the work was not completed in on time. As per the terms of the contract, it should had have been done (1) till 15th August but it stretched for two more weeks. Also, the dimensions of the rooms are not the one the same as mentioned in the contract (Also, the dimensions of the rooms are not in accordance with the contract.). To add fuel to the fire, one of the rooms is not having does not have (2) a private lavatory which was indispensable was mandatory as per the contract document.

1. SHOULD + HAVE + past participle form of verb = something that was supposed to be done, but it was not achieved.

2. “IS + HAVING” is used for an activity. He is having breakfast.

It will be better if you mention only TWO points and explain them adequately.

Firstly, the work was not completed on time (IDEA 1). As per the terms of the contract, it should have been done before 15th August but it stretched for two more weeks. I had already sent invitations to friends and family members for an inauguration party (EXPLANATION 1). Moreover, the dimensions of the rooms are not the same as mentioned in the contract (IDEA 2). The actual rooms are 3 feet shorter than the length mentioned in the document. This has defeated the purpose of constructing these rooms (EXPLANATION 2).

I would like you to demolish the rooms and reconstruct them according to the norms laid down in the contract form. Otherwise, I would have no choice left other than resorting to resort to a lawful action against your firm. (avoid word repetition – other.)

Looking forward to your prompt response.

Yours sincerely,


Well written. There are a few grammar mistakes. There are better ways to structure a few sentences. Plus, you should focus less on the number of ideas and more on the explanation of ideas.

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