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IELTS Essay Correction: Learn A New Language Through Culture And Lifestyle Of The Country – 1.

In order to learn a new language well one should get to know the culture and the lifestyle of the country where it is spoken. To what extent do you agree with this idea?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Learning a new language is a complex task and requires strenuous efforts as one has to devote time and energy in mastering any language. Although the advent of the internet has enabled people to learn basics of a new language, I believe that to become a proficient user of that language, a person has to get insight into the heritage and way of living of the country where it is being spoken.

You’re supposed to explain your view only in the body paragraphs. Since you’ve explained both sides, let me change the opinion in the introduction.

I believe that while a language can be learned without understanding the culture of a country, it can be mastered only by a deep knowledge of its culture and traditions.


I believe that a person can gain proficiency in a language without understanding the culture. However, to master it, one must develop a deep knowledge of its culture and traditions.

To begin with, the invention of the internet has facilitated people to learn the fundamentals of a new language. There is abundance abundant availability of study materials and videos on the internet that can be easily obtained to learn rudimentary rudiments of a language (1). A language learner can enroll into free as well as paid online courses. For example, an individual who wants to acquire lessons English language, he grasp the basics of the English language can get admission into courses on websites such as Udemy.

1. Rudimentary is an adjective. Therefore, it should be used as quality of a noun. Rudiments, on the other hand, is a noun and it refers to the elements of a subject.

The argument is well developed.

However, I would argue that (This seems to suggest that the previous paragraph’s opinion is not yours.) one cannot become an advance user of any language until they learn she learns (pronoun refers to one. It must be singular.) about culture and lifestyle of native speakers of that language. This is because natives use their language metaphorically and sarcastically which usually non-native speakers find difficult to understand as they are not aware of cultural references. For example, there are many Hollywood movies in which characters speak slang and use idiomatic expressions. As long as viewers do not have a proper understanding of culture, they cannot understand (comprehend) the exact meanings of these dialogues. If a person has people have a basic understanding of a language and has have read literature and history of the country where it is being spoken, they (a plural pronoun demands a plural noun) will easily grab the language.

Well-written. The arguments are properly developed.

In conclusion, while anyone can learn the basics of a particular language via the internet, it is significant (1) important for a language learner learners to comprehend the culture and lifestyle of native users of that language if they want to master that specific language. (here THAT is a referencing device and it includes specific.)

1. Important and Significant are close in meaning but different in usage. Whenever, you plan to refer to important in general, not specifically, use IMPORTANT. In a specific situation SIGNIFICANT is used. It is important ….., There has been a significant increase in global temperature.

Though the essay is well written, there are some lexical resource issues and numerous subject-pronoun disagreements.

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