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IELTS Essay Correction: Cultures Of Many Countries Are Similar.

The cultures of many countries around the world have become more similar than they used to be. What are the reasons for this trend? Is it positive or negative?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


These days it has been generally seen in these days that various nations are following the same trend in relation to culture, unlike in the bygone days (1) (These days, more and more people in various nations are following similar cultural trends.). This trend is mainly attributed to the growth in spread of globalization and an increase in migration of people. In my view, it is a positive development since uni-culture a uniform culture among nations improves their relationships, which is in the best interest of mankind.

1. The sentence structure is weird. Unlike in the past, people these days are following the same …..

The prime primary reason of for the adoption of the same culture across the world is globalization, due to which business and trade among nations occur at the international level. Therefore, a large number of people travel from one country to the other (from one country to another) in order to expand their businesses, consequently and, consequently, exchange cultural values and traditions. This exchange eventually results in adoption of each others’ cultures and development of single world culture. For instance, in the current scenario, all countries offer a wide variety of cuisines such as Indian, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and so forth. This has allowed all countries to follow a common global culture while maintaining their unique identity. (Have the countries become culturally similar?) Another reason is the increased trend of migration among people to various parts of the world for greener pastures. Owing to this, they not only adopt the culture of the new nation but also reflect share their own heritage to with the natives of that country. In this way, people understand and adopt new cultures, which lead to the development of uni-culture a uniform culture in the world.

Need to use the right words – primary, uniform culture, share. The arguments are well developed.

The trend of same a similar (There is a lot of difference between same and similar.) culture is considered as positive one because people accept each other’ culture without considering any kind of racial differences. This results in a better understanding and improves relationships among countries and they stand with each other in difficult times. To illustrate this view, during the tsunami disaster in India, various nations like such as the US, UK, and Russia provided financial as well as moral support to cope up with that situation. (The example does not explain how this support was due to the common culture of these countries. For example, the proliferation of Yoga and meditation in the west has led to a better understanding of India globally. These cultural elements have helped bridge differences and solve many international conflicts.) Therefore, this new world order creates peace and harmony among nations, which is beneficial for the mankind.

The examples in both body paragraph 1 and body paragraph 2 do not conform to the ideas expressed.

To conclude, due to the impact of globalization, the whole world has become a global village and follows a global culture. This trend improves has improved the international relations of nations in comparison to the past and is beneficial for the overall development of the world.

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