IELTS Cue Card, September 2018: Something You Wear On Special Occasions​.

Talk about something that you wear only for special occasions. Please say

– What is it?
– Where and when did you buy it?
– How do you feel when you wear it?


I love visiting various special occasions such as birthday parties and marriage celebrations. For such events, I have reserved certain dresses different from the usual ones I wear for business every day

I love wearing traditional Indian attire called Kurta-Pajama. It is made of fine Indian silk and the cloth has been hand woven by traditional artisans from Banaras. It has fine golden embroidery on all ends – neck, wrist, and feet. This gives it a unique look

I purchased it from Banaras, the famous religious city of India, just before my brother’s marriage. All our family members and close friends visited that place for shopping traditional Indian clothes.

I really feel special after wearing this dress. It makes me look different from others and everyone appreciates the style of stitching as well as the quality of the cloth. Moreover, it is more comfortable than my expensive business suits.

Follow-up Questions:

– On what occasions do people wear formal clothing? People prefer to wear formal clothes in an office or at a formal party.
– Do you think people today wear more casual clothing than before? I agree. They are abandoning formal clothes gradually. Those working in the computer industry have completely abandoned the idea of formal clothes. They prefer wearing jeans and t-shirts.
– Why do you think it is so? I think this is related to the nature of the industry. The industries which have younger workers prefer more casual clothes. Those which have relatively older workers and customers prefer formal clothes. While computer engineers wear informal clothes, doctors still wear formal clothes.
– Some workplaces require employees to wear a uniform. Why? I think this is primarily to eliminate any economic imbalance in the company. It can also be meant to prevent any accidents. For instance, the workers in the automobile industry wear jumpsuits so that no part of the dress is loose and there are no accidents because of that.
– Will people behave differently when they wear a uniform? Why? I guess this is true to an extent. Uniform alters the perception of individuals. For instance, most people respect doctors primarily because of the white coat they wear. This distinguishes them from the general population and is a sign of distinction. Similarly, the uniform of a military is seen with respect.
– Is it a good idea for employers to force employees to wear uniforms? Well, if there is an economic, personal or social utility, I think they must be compelled to wear uniforms. As I mentioned a few moments ago that automobile workers wear jumpsuits to avoid any accident. Similarly, dresses are compulsory for construction workers.

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    • Well, you have to speak for one to two minutes. The examiners usually interrupt after one minute and move to the discussion part. However, they may choose to give you more time to speak on the cue card.


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