Answer Checking

IELTS Essay Correction: Online Reviews and Opinions About Services.

Online, people write reviews and opinions about services. Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


With the advent of the internet, the manner in which good and services are reviewed and criticized have has (subject = manner) totally been transformed.  The end user often updates his reviews about the goods he has consumed and services he has availed. In my opinion, this reviewing and rating of products online practice (let us try to avoid as many repetitions as possible) is a positive development.

The main reason why online reviews are good is that they are in favor of consumers. This is because the real consumers of a product provide information about whether they find it satisfactory or not. As business enterprises spend huge amounts of money on advertisements, they seem to become more influential, persuasive, intrusive (this word does not seem to suit the theme of this paragraph.) and manipulative than ever before. Generally, advertisements flatter about the quality of a specific product. (1) To know the genuine quality of a product in commercials, individuals can read the reviews of other consumers on platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and E-bay and take informed decision to make a purchase.

1. These two sentences can be restructured to develop a more logical argument: Buisness enterprises spend a huge amount of money to create attractive advertisements aimed at influencing the customers to buy their products. Only fair reviews on platforms such as ……….

It would have been wonderful if you could sprinkle a few examples in the above paragraph. Name a few websites that rate products: Amazon, E-bay, Flipkart, etc. The examiner will term this as “a scope for writing better exists”.

Additionally, an online reviews service about products provides buyers a platform to exercise their consumer rights. In the past, although customers were legitimate (wrong word. Customers can’t be legitimate. This word is used of an object. Legitimate business, legitimate government.) allowed to file a case in a court if they received a faulty product or poor services, due to hassles of legal proceedings, people tended to avoid legal actions and had no other viable options. However, nowadays, via online reviews consumers can comment about the quality of their purchases publicly, can compel companies to improve their product quality and can also demand a refund (note the underlined words – parallelism). Owing to this, companies have started return and refund policies so that they can avoid depreciating their goodwill by having a low high (they’re avoiding depreciation of their goodwill. So, they need to have a high score.) online rating.

The arguments in both body paragraphs are logically developed. The task response, cohesion, grammar, and lexical resource are adequate. However, there is ample scope to write better as I’ve mentioned above.

In conclusion, as per my perspective, online reviews from customers is a positive development  as it has enabled them to be well informed about the quality of a product which they want to buy and  has provided opportunities to exercise their rights they are entitled to.

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