Paragraph Structuring – Cohesion.

Let us discuss an interesting sentence that will reveal important lessons about how to build cohesion in a paragraph:

Landlocked Zambia in Africa is facing a debt crisis. During the years of rising copper prices, the Zambian economy boomed. However, when the prices started falling in 2011, the country borrowed to stimulate the economy.

Note that the first sentence sets the theme for the entire paragraph. It mentions the main issue that is discussed in the following sentences. After reading the first sentence, the readers understand that this is about Zambia and debt crisis.

The writer has used “During X, Y” construction to LINK copper prices and economy, and emphasize that these two happened at the same time. The use of “however” expressed contrast – boom versus bust; rise versus fall. Again, the writer wants to emphasize that two events occurred simultaneously – prices fell, country borrowed. To avoid repeating “During X, Y”, she used “when X, Y” construction.

Moreover, the author has used the prices to refer back to copper prices and the country to refer back to Zambia. Similarly, the economy refers to the Zambian economy.

You must have realized by now that the paragraph is very strong in cohesion. There are various elements that bind different sentences and parts of sentences. These are:

During X, Y


When X, Y

The prices

The country

The economy.

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