Grammar Lessons – The Use of Article THE.

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The as a referencing device:

THE is a great tool to promote cohesion in your answer. It is used to refer to things or people that have already been talked about earlier.

I have purchased a new car and I love driving it. The car is very expensive.

I support the view that children should not be compelled to study.

A specific place, person, thing or a group (class):

THE is also written before a specific type of place.

I am going to the beach. Will you join me? 

I am going to the bank.

The road transport system is as important as the railways. 

In my opinion, the education system in the universities is to be blamed for this deficiency.

Used before a noun when its meaning is restricted in some way.

There are several benefits of allocating funds for the development of the railways. Note that development is restricted by the railways.

The main reason behind this attitude is the influence of celebrities and the desire to be accepted by others. Note that influence is restricted by celebrities.

It is responsible for the loss of our tradition and culture. Note that loss is restricted by tradition and culture.

The city administration is concerned about the increase in crime. (The city administration is concerned about crime.)

Used before adjectives that refer to a particular (specific) noun.

In order to make a strong impression on others, people prefer to wear the latest fashion accessories.


Moreover, from the educational standpoint, age is a fundamental factor in learning. This is because, as the age increases, the capacity of the brain to absorb concepts decreases.

A recent survey in the UK showed that most of the school going children are obese. (A recent survey in the UK showed that children are obese.)

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