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IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Time Spent By Males And Females In U.K.

The table below shows average hours and minutes spent by UK males and females on different daily activities.

IELTS Table.png

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


The given table demonstrate presents the time contributed by UK male and female on a daily routine in hours and minutes on various activities every day (they’re not spending time on daily routine but on various activities. Keep the order of objects correct.). Overall, the highest time is spent on sleeping by both genders (1). Whereas, the lowest time is spent on sports by both male and female at 0.13 minutes and 0.15 minutes(1)

Demonstrate = make something clear.

1. Though this sentence is fine, ACTIVE Voice is better than the passive voice. Overall, both genders spend most of their time sleeping and devote the least time to sports.

The longest consumption of hours is done through sleep by male and female on daily basis is at 8.04 and 8.18. (You’ve already said this in the introduction. No need to do so again.) On resting and personal care both gender spent around a quarter of an hour. On eating and drinking, both sexes spent an almost equal time of quarter past and an hour.

In leisure activities, most of the time spent by both sexes is at watching tv or listening to music/radio female spent 2.25 hours and male 25 minutes more than that of females. Both sexes are less active in sports, hobbies, and games(who witnessed less time?) witnessed less time by females at 0.23 minutes same time spent by males in reading. Both males and females spent approximately the same time in reading. All leisure activities consume 5.25 hours for males and 4.53 hours for females.

In other activities, male spent more time in employment and study (more than whom?) 3.45 hours. On the contrary, females spend spent more time 3.00 hours daily in housework 3.00 hours daily, while male provide give about half of this time to the activity. Child rearing witness same (same to what?) difference of time spent by the males half of female time 0.32 minutes. Both sexes provide give very less time to other activities.

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